Ice Ball @ Lebuh Macullum

When I was kid and stay around the neighborhood because MummyQ ran her business at there and from there I fall for simple dessert that I ate since at a very young age until now and it only cost few cents, very simple dessert and very refreshing for hot day.

It is Ice Ball. The uncle has been running his cart like decades ago and still doing his business with the same cart now but many have forgotten this simple dessert as we grow up but never for me. It may look unhygienic but I was grew up with this and I'm fine, don't be too overprotected and let your child have their priceless childhood memories as human just grow up too fast, let them experience or taste some foods we had back then and don't ever forget what we had back then as we grew up and start spending on luxury foods. I still have it once in awhile and it was very refreshing and by having it make me so so happy and its priceless the moment I feel and enjoy it
Until now it don't even cost RM1.00 yet, cheap isn't? It have two types of ice ball; with filling or without filling. The filling will be just red beans and it cost RM 0.70 cents and plain/without red beans only cost RM 0.60 cents. The process of making ice ball it really easy and simple, just put a block of ice in ice shaving machine, shave it, shape it into ball shape and pour some syrup on it, as for red beans filling it will be fill in the ice ball. Uncle usually pour two types of syrup; Rose syrup and Sarsi syrup which is my favorite. And the way to eat it is just super easy, just sick it up. Hold the ice ball and suck it up. It's like drinking cold syrup beverage. It's really nothing so special but I was grew up with this and it is something special for me to treasure and would love everyone to still remember this.

And the address is...
Lebuh Macullum, 10300 Georgetown, Penang. (Opposite Pos Office Malaysia)

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