Gloria Jeans @ 1st Avenue

Past months both of us really, suddenly fell in love with coffee and has been visiting Starbucks so frequent and one day we decided to try out new place as we see the feedback are good. Getting old may be? A person who never like coffee now pretty depend on it on tough day or stay awake. But the effect doesn't work long for me as still able to doze off after around 2 hours.
We were lucky that day as they have their promotion buy 1 free 1. So Boyf ordered Coco Loco Mocha (Cold/Blended) while I ordered what the bartender recommended for me, Irish Nut Creme Latte (Hot).
All I can say of Boyf drinks is, it is very fulfilling. We just ordered regular size but after drinking it, you'll feel full. It's so creamy, thick in textures, very strong of chocolate flavors but still you'll be able to smell the scent of the espresso, there is coffee in the drinks but I think the chocolates a bit over powering the espresso, still I find it very nice. For those who don't really want any strong caffeine intake but need to stay awake and energetic, I think this is really suitable plus it is very refreshing.
For mine, I found it so lovale with the steamed milk art decoration on my coffee. It is a mix of chocolate, espresso and steamed milk with extra of Irish creme and hazelnuts syrups. It's very thick in textures, very creamy, fluff and mine is extremely fulfilling because of its nutty and creme, the scent way nutty, cocoa and a lil mix of espresso, it's complicated to explain but it was good, nice.
Plus the environment was good and their service was so friendly and well manner. totally  like very much. Another place added into my list.

And their address is...
G-03 & G-3A, Ground Floor, 1st Avenue Mall, Jalan Magazine, 10300 Georgetown, Penang

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