De Happy Seafood Restaurant @ Macalister Road

Months ago, yes months ago. My Godmother brought MummyQ to this place and she find it interesting and lots of choices for dishes plus the price is affordable so the next week she asked me and Boyf bring her go again. We agreed to it as we never try it before and we really thought that they're just selling seafood since this place is quite famous for their seafood long long time ago when I was still at early teenager stage but I guess the economy has gone bad huh because they are also selling economy foods in buffet style.

I was pretty amazed when I look at it, very creative idea they have there, the dishes are arrange according to their code color and the color indicate the price of each dishes like for an example: Red = RM 2, Greem = RM 3. Choose whatever dishes you wish to eat then put it on your tray, at the end of the counter, they will ask you whether you are having there are take away and they will also asked you whether you prefer rice porridge or rice itself. They will calculate the overall dishes you take from the counter at there as well but the payment can be made later after you finish your meal.

Above picture, is how the counter look like and how the color code was arrange. You'll probably feel like you're eating Dim Sum because of the baskets and the way the present their dishes on the counter.
Above are Chinese Sausage, and Salted Egg. For Chinese Sausage it taste not bad, sweet, quite flavorful and it was thinly slice which I really like it but the amount of oil at the bottom of the plate really put me in horror. I think they slightly cook it but forgotten to filter out the oil. As for Salted Egg, well I have nothing to comment on as it is almost the same as everywhere but the saltiness of the egg and the level of the egg was well cook it just nice for me.
Next from clock wise is: Fermented Beans With Fish Meats, Roasted Pork and Steam Pork. 
For Fermented Beans With Fish Meats is MummyQ dish, not my favorite, just for her but it taste really not bad. The fish meats really soft, I think they uses eels perhaps? Quite flavorful but just not my favorite. Roasted Pork taste just so-so, don't really have the crunchiness, taste a bit soggy, not well marinated, not really flavorful enough, doesn't have its saltiness as well, and kinda dry too. Steam Pork was not a bad choice, it have a lots of gravy for it which I really like it, this steam pork was mix with Chinese vegetables pickles that taste slightly salty but it was well prepared and cooked. The meats itself was soft and definitely juicy because of the gravy, the smell of pork was light though the aroma of this dish is very light.
They also have these few selection of gravy for you to choose from the counter and it is free of charge (F.O.C) that's what Malaysian's love to hear, that's include me too. So I had chose for three gravy, Fish Curry, Soy Sauce, and Chicken Curry. Me and Boyf prefer Chicken Curry because it taste better and we loves chicken curry, the textures was thick, quite flavorful and a lil bit of spice. As for Soy Sauce all of us dare not really touch it as the amount of oil really put you in horror and lastly Fish Curry was acceptable but the smell of the fish was slightly overpowering the curry aroma which I personally don't like it.
That day MummyQ ate rice porridge, me myself and Boyf ate rice so this is the amount of rice they gave. But I prefer their Rice Porridge better, it is soft, silky, warm, tastes sweet and smell a lot better than their Plain White Rice that is pretty cold, hard and in lumpy pieces as you can see from the picture.

And their Address is...
622, Macalister Road, 10400 Geogetown, Penang.

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