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One of my Uni-mate Andrew just successfully franchise out one of his family business to his students parent's and soon there will be more. We were there 2 days earlier to congratulate him instead of the grand opening day itself on Sunday as we have something to do on that day. And this is our ever first met after convocation, that's also first pic taken after we knew each other for so long (during convocation, right after the ceremony Andrew immediately rushed back as he need to run his family business, so didn't take any photo).

Ok, let me introduce what is his business nature. The name of their business is called Lafonis, some of you may already know their business nature if you are kindergarten teacher's  but some of you are not. So, Lafonis is a Kindergarten educational supplies to all nursery and kindergarten center, not only that but they also have their very own factory to produce children furniture's! As of now Andrew are aware of children needs and development more scientifically than anyone else as he is psychology graduated student and uses his knowledge to run his family business even better and provide better services and supplies to those who need it. Well at least his knowledge was not blindly wasted, he make used of it. Now he even liaise with other country like Germany and few more to import better quality toys for children to play with, not harmful to the children even they bite it as it is more to organic materials. Now they not only focus on selling bulk but also selling by like store like - like shoplots in a shopping mall. Besides that, Andrew also established a play center to develop child development, though still in early phase but I bet it will be a successful one.

That's all the brief introduction of his business nature and what it is all about when it come to Lafonus, do drop by, to look around and buy some toys for your child developments. For more information regarsing Lafonis, please click here. Thank you.

Once again I would to congratulate Andrew for his quarter life success and more to come, keep it up, shape well and maintain it!

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