Hean Boo Thean Floating Temple @ Weld Quay

We decided to pay a visit the newly build so-called floating temple around the Weld Quay one day. Well i cannot say it is floating because it is cement build with poles supporting the temple, not really floating on the sea but it did impress me with the scenery whether during day light or night time and the exterior interior design of the temple was carve carefully and nicely build. Basically it has two floor and above picture is the main hall. 
And they have this extended balcony or rest area for visitors to rest while enjoying scenery of the sea, the rest area also can view the overall of Penang port.
Front of the main hall have this small extended staircase lead you down more nearer to the sea and if there is any ceremony or procession that require sending off the God's through water pathway then there will be mini boat below this platform. However, parents who bring young kids over here for praying please be careful and take good care of them rather than letting them running around this is to avoid them fall into the sea by accident though this is temple and many people are there but precaution is still needed.
Like many Chinese temples all over the world, we have many red lanterns hanging of the temple ceiling.
Interior of the temple. Look spacious and very well taken care off. Hopefully the committee members of the temples can keep it up. First picture show only the first phase of the God's alter and second picture show second phase of the God's alter table which is just behind the first phase.
This is the second floor of the table, basically just for Guan Yin Goddess, above picture is the front view
In front of the second floor have this porch full with mini God's statues with Chinese calligraphy word written on it which I don't understand but I can assume that it might be the god's name. It may look scary from the pictures because of the colorful light but in reality it really look nice and doesn't scary at all.
The second floor view towards the sea and Penang mainland also Penang port and the first floor compound area.
Many of the super mini god's statues and some desserts or drinks offer to Goddess of Guan Yin inside the second floor building
Second floor inside the building interior and Goddess of Guan Yin
Night overall view of the floating temple from Tan's Jetty
Closer look #2

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