DIY Car Mini Rubbish Bin

I though everything in my car was perfect until one day I have no place to throw my tissue for the long distance drive and I'm feeling uneasy because that tissue contains dead bug I just killed and throw it out of window is illegal, it might as well cause accident and litter the road, I tied in a plastic and threw it later. That moments I knew my car is missing rubbish bin, damn I just forgotten how important it is. Getting a car is a huge burden, the services, the cleaning and maintain it. I decided to buy a rubbish bin with really cheap price but non that I saw I like so I decided to make one on my own.

Things you'll need is...
One Medium Used Box
Wrapping Paper (As you like)
Scotch Tape
Pen Knife
1) Cut off the cover nicely then use scotch tape to tape the bottom, so the bottom won't get loose.
2) Use wrapping paper wrap around the box nicely, cut off any extra and tape it tightly.
3) Touch up necessary part if needed.
4) Layer some excess of the wrapping paper onto the bottom of the box then put in plastic in it.
Jjanggggg~!!! Done, Whenever the rubbish bin is fill pulled up the plastic and throw away the rubbish and put in new plastic to continue use. No need the hassle washing the rubbish bin plus it can be use for a long time and the amount of money I spend for this rubbish bin is just RM 1.20, and I like it very much. I've been using it for a year now and still in very super good condition and whenever the wrapping paper is torn just replace it with new one plus you can keep up the trend without spending much money in buying new one. Another way to save the earth is done.

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