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Saw a friend of ours posting in Facebook that there is Durian Cream Puff around the newly open Gurney Paragon Mall and that week, both of us suddenly craving for it so badly so we decided to hunt for it over the weekend. At first we failed to find it as it is quite hidden the the stall simply just too plain, unattractive enough to attract my attention, We walked for second round only to realized we passed by there before, thanks for the fresh baked smell and Durian cream was pumping here and there that attract us by the aroma of Durians else we wouldn't be able to find it.

We bought their Durians ice-cream and cream puff as well because it is the most recommended and is their best seller. Sorry for not having Durians Ice-Cream photo because I forgotten to snap it, but I can tell you how it taste like. It taste like heaven to me, that's it. For Durians lovers this is definitely a must to try it out and you'll definitely falls for it. It is so creamy, so smooth, so soft, very packed and very flavorful, the Durians taste was so strong as if you are eating real Durians and the smell definitely will stay in your mouth for a very long time, oh ya it doesn't taste really sweet as well, just perfect.
We bought back the Durians Crean Puffs as that time we're crazily extremely so full that we felt we unable to walk anytime soon, so we bought it back as our supper, very unhealthy supper, I know but we can't help it. Basically the puff just normal, nothing so special. It is quite soft and crunchy but a bit dry as well and the aroma of the fresh baked also quite light. Thankfully the Durians cream come to rescue, thanks to Durians cream custard it makes the cream puff a whole new level ans taste extremely nice. It doesn't taste too sweet, too watery, the color was nice and the Durians taste and flavor was so strong, it is soft and smooth and silky. Really worth the try but would really prefer to eat it while still hot, that might make it taste even better.

And their address is...
Gurney Paragon Basement

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