Patchee Bakery @ Dato Keramat

MummyQ have been a big fans of their Roti Benggali and I've big fans for their Bun/Roti Pao. It's been like a journey growing up relying on their bread for tea time or light supper or breakfast. Nobody will not recognize their bread in Penang especially kids who like running out to stop the uncle motorcyclist carrying a big box behind it with varieties of bread and snacks for their mum and even we already grew up, started working, we still run out to stop the uncle whenever we want to their bread. The sound of "Ting, Ting Ting!" we have been used to it and know it's coming by hearing it.

They even have a shop located in the town area, and you can stop by to buy them if you pass by or you missed out the motor cart.
The motor cart as you can see from above left side picture. Amazing right? For a person to ride a motor full with varieties of foods, breads and snacks. I really salute those uncle's, first the wooden box is not light, is damn so heavy plus with so many things hanging from top to bottom and left to right and heavy canvas to cover the cart in case the weather went bad like heavy rain. Besides that the motor casket and handler also full with hanging foods, is dangerous to ride around with all the foods hanging like that more over these days all the vehicles are all about speeding and have no mercy or patience to you, and they continue try to be on time to reach your housing area even there is heavy rain. Many people forgotten how important are they to us back in the days.

Like I said before, I like their Bun/Roti Pao with their signature Kaya or well known as coconut spread/jam and their margarine, it's simple but it's so nice and yummy especially their signature coconut spread it was awesome pawsome to me and would request to put more each time.  But don't worry about you can enjoy the kaya when only buy their bun, they also sell it at their shop per bottle, you can get from there with reasonable price, range about RM 3.00 - RM 4.00.

Worth the price and is almost every household favorite bread to eat for breakfast, tea time or supper in Penang. And all these type of bread only can be found in Penang. Penang is one awesome island with fantastic foods.

And their address is...
 519, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Georgetown, Penang.

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    1. Hi there, thanks for sharing the news with me and sorry for the late reply. It is a very shocking news for me and my family. Since then we've stop buying from them, guess the trust and loyalty has drop drastically. =(