Pasta House @ Ipoh

So WJ's invited few of us to joined her to have dinner before Chinese New Year break back then and we said ok, we will join her if there is new foods around the town, something good, nice environment and affordable. So she brought us to here to have lunch before we depart to Penang.

Basically, it's all about pasta, varieties of pasta and varieties of sauces and specialty. I'm a fans of Pasta so I'm ok with it but it depends on how Boyf response to as he's not really a big fans of pasta. I quite like the restaurant environment, very quiet, the lighting was good-very calming and the seats was very spacious.

Pictures in their menu really makes you mouth watering and have varieties of choices for you to choose. Since we went there during lunch hour and they have promotion set meals so we decided to ordered the set meals as it looks more worth the price. So it comes with soup of the day and that day is Tomato's Soup. It's watery and the portion rather small in my opinion but the taste quite nice and it comes with a slice of garlic read which I don't it is match with the soup.
Like I said before, I always try out basic foods as first timer rather than straight or daringly go for advance level. If their basic is good then it is you can expect their advance or more complicated foods to taste nice. So I ordered Bolognese Spaghetti. The portion maybe look small but it is actually quite big just because of the plate is big that cause it to look small in portion, really. Just very simple meal, it comes with slices of sausages and cheese powder was sprinkle on top of it also chunks of tomatoes. It actually taste quite nice, very flavorful, not so dry or too much of sauce and the spaghetti noodle was well cooked and not so oily but the smell rather a bit too light and I personally prefer the plate was serve warm as well because the environment was cold so it really makes the foods become cold quite fast which might turn off our appetite. Overall it was good, presentation and service was good as well. Worth the try.

And their address is...
No 4, Jalan Medan Ipoh 9, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak

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