Nasi Lemak Pisang Ali @ Sri Weld Food Court

I first tried it out back in year 2006 after cross-country run for my Form 6 life with my friends and try to woo/chase me back then Boyf. Friend of mine suggested this place for their yummulicious and spicy Nasi Lemak for our lunch plus it's cheap, well poor students. Since then I got hook by it and once in awhile will crave for it. For spicy food lovers or Nasi Lemak lovers this place is a most to come and try it out.
They have many choices for you to choose; Anchovies (ikan bilis)/Turmeric Deep Fried Mackerel/Hard Boiled Egg/Equib (sotong)/Prawns plus now they have another side dish which is Ayam Goreng (fried chicken) and wrap in banana leaves, very traditional way to pack nasi lemak and hardly to see people still use this these days.
With the price of RM 1.20 per packet, a lot more spicier than any other nasi lemak I had tried, the portion was fine and you can even request for more Kuah Sambal (curry/gravy) if you wish lot more spier than it is. For me this is just great, I like it!
And recently both of us, me myself and Boyf craved for it and dragged our lazy butt to go buy few packets to fill our craving for it despite the weather is mad mad hot out there. Bouyf bought three packets of ikan bilis with hard boiled egg and I bought one packet of ikan bilis and one packet of turmeric deep fried mackerel, a total of five packets for only both of us. We did not add extra kuah sambal (spicy gravy) as we picked all five with the most wet packaging which refer to they already put in a lot of kuah sambal in it. So above is how the packaging look like.
Above picture show Ikan Bilis with Hard Boiled Egg and sorry for didn't show the gravy side as it is at the opposite way so it looked a bit dry here and plain but it still look good to me. As I'm typing for this post I already crave for although a lil bit unwell. These say they also lessen down their level of spiciness as not many people can stand its spiciness and sometimes will upset our stomach as its too spicy.
However its still spicy at the end of the last spoon and when you go for second packet you'll starting to swear. The egg was well boiled, it does not over boiled or the other way round. To know how it look like if over boiled is, if there is grey wing appear around the yolk then it is over boiled but here it looks good. The rice was very flavorful and fluff also very aromatic with the coconut milk scent, the ikan bilis was fine - it was soft but at the same time kinda crispy, very well marinated with the Kuah Sambal, its very flavorful, spicy with a lil bit taste of sweetness. Just nice. Worth the trip.

And their address is...
Sri Weld Food Court, Beach Street, 10300 Georgetown, Penang

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