Mee Sotong @ Explanade/Padang Kota Lama

Every Penangites should know this, Hammed 'Pata' Mee or well known as Mee Sotong to everyone in short terms. And it is also a must try food in Penang and it is located Esplanade, another tourist spot in Penang. Many Penangites loves their Mee Sotong and no matter how long is the queue, people just willing to queue for it. No kidding. As for me the Mee Sotong a,k,a Mee Goreng at here is in my top list favorite place to have the best Mee Goreng.

When both of went there for lunch, we seldom go for take-away, we will always dine-in at the food court although it is not that clean but we will find a clean spot, no worries there is always some clean places. First thing first. Drinks. Usually both of us will just order Lychee Ice, but sometimes I will order Ice Kacang also if both of us really thirsty. For Lychee Ice, it is just so refreshing to have during super duper hot weather, it isn't too sweet either and comes with few Lychee's meats, it's quite addictive but it will be never enough just to have one glass of it. As for Ice Kacang, it's really sweet but you can leave it for awhile for the ice to melts and eat later for less sweets. Unlike Chinese Ice Kacang here's the Ice Kacang pretty simple, corns, ice creams. condense milk, syrups and some herbal jelly and red beans. That's it. For the shave ice, it is really fine not rough at all.
Now, for Mee Sotong part. Just look at it, my saliva almost dripping and tummy start making weird sound already. It look just fantastic to me, the color is enough for you to feel the spiciness. Warning here, for those who can't eat spicy foods better don't come here but if you really still want to try it, request for less chili still it will spicy but lesser. However, both of us love spicy foods and we always either order a regular one or request for more spicy if we have the sudden urge. Both of us also don't eat Sotong/squib as in what we call in English but we will eat it just for here. Why? Because it was braised and cook until it is so easy, soft and easy peasy to bite and chew, not rubbery at all, not at all. The Mee Sotong for the first few seconds of bite tastes sweet but the spiciness will come to you after that, it is cook with their special sauce or gravy but it wasn't too wet or dry either, it is so flavorful, soft and smell extremely good. Why of eating? Stir the whole things up, squeeze the lime stir again then eat it. Just that simple.

Ok this is bad. I'm hungry. Not a good sign.

And their address is...
6 Kota Selera (Food Court) beside Fort Cornwallis, Padang Kota Lama, 10200 Georgetown, Penang

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