Marshall's Burger @ Burma Road

Both of us heard of Marshall's burger quite a while already and decided to try it out one day out of the sudden because we are running out of places of where to have dinner at afforadable price and easy parking for car and most importantly good food. And that particular day we are craving for come burgers so here we go for it at last...
Ice Lemon Tea from Heaven and Earth is yet another favorite brands I like as their drinks taste just fantastic awesome and hopefully they able to maintain their quality like forever then I'll be really happy but also please do maintain their price at the affordable price though now their brand become well-known. Their drinks really very flavorful, the lemon and tea scent really strong, very thick in textures and taste not too sweet to my liking.
Marshall's Fries is a bit different than others normal fried we has as theirs is thick-cut fried. Something new and something that I quite like too, as their one slice of fries equal to 2-3 of other fries size and it is something at least for you to chew longer, well I like to chew my food real long so yeah I like very much. It's not salty nor too oily, it's slightly crispy but moist and smooth inside and the color just look so good golden brown with drizzle of Mrshall's Chili sauce all over it, just nice for me. Simple yet nice.
The Bull is what Boyf ordered. It cones with single beef patty, double cheddar cheese, double streaky bacon, fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes. Boyf ordered beef so I got no chance to snap some bite from it as I'm allergic to it but Boyf said it's pretty good and quite juicy for the patty.
I ordered Hawaiian Piggy and just very simple pork burger comes with single pork patty, single pork ham, single juicy pineapple slice, fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes. The size of the burger is fine for but the thickness or height is a bit difficult for me to bite the burger although I admit it that I have quite a wide and big mouth for a small size girl like me, I still find it quite hard to eat it without any mess around my fingers and mouth, same goes to Boyf as well. Overall I find it taste quite not bad, as it is quite juicy for the patty but lack of flavors still the patty is very compact, have the sweetness of the pineapple and crunchiness of the fresh juicy lettuce but I would  prefer the bun is butter and toast it to enhance the overall fragrance and serve the bun warm will be more better.  Overall I think it is not bad but I really like their chili sauce, it is spicy and taste slightly sweet at the same time.

And their address is...
124-C, Burma Road, 10350 Georgetown, Penang.

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