DIY Old Flats Shoes

 I love this flats so so much that I've been wearing it for three years already and it's from Adidas and is a present from Boyf and I think it is a waste to throw it away just because the color was torn and the bling was gone but it's still wear-able and comfortable. I still wear it although it look so ugly and Boyf asked me to buy a new shoes or do something about it since I still love this flats so much, I don't know what should I do about it, I wanted to paint spray it but a can of spray ain't cheap and it will be a mess plus I don't like the smell. I was thinking so much what should I do then one day I walk around painting station in bookstore and saw this paint called Acylic Paint, I read the label and I knew I can do something to my flats with it and it only cost me RM 8.00

For those who don't know what is Acrylic Paint is, it is a paint most artist use for more lasting longer period, easily dry and it won't shade away the color because of liquids. As I read the label it said that, this paint can be use on glass, woods, steel, clothes and so on and it will stay.

So you'll need...
Used Paper OR Newspaper (To cover you table from getting paints all over it, and gets dirty)
Cheap Brush
Tissue/Cotton Bud (To clear the smudge)
Water (To wipe clean the flats before painting)
Used Paper (For color control)
 1) Put over used paper or newspaper on the table before placing the flats on the table.
2) Squeeze the paint into the palette.
3) Wipe down all the dirt with wet tissue, then wipe it dry.
4) Clean the brush and wipe it dry (If it is dirty)
5) Paint the first layer onto the flats, if the color on your brush is too much wipe in down on a used paper and use it later for correction part.
6) For some part of the flats that is hard to paint it with brush (such as corner part), use pencil or cotton bud with paint on it to color the flats.
7) Let it dry before another layers (usually it takes up few minutes *depend on room temperature*)

On the left side of the picture, the flats was colored for its first layer and the right side, the flats was uncolored. Can you see the different? An old shoes soon becoming new one.
After three layers, and dried then it's Done!!! Doesn't it look new again? Doesn't it look pretty again? I can actually wear for few more years until the flats is spoil and if the color torn again then I'll color it again since the paint still left more than half of the bottle. RM 8.00 make a shoes wear more longer than it should be, ain't it worth it? Rather than spending another amount of money just to buy a new shoes because the color torn off. It is something everyone should try it out. Talk about saving our earth? This is another way to do it.

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