DIY CD's Covers

So one day Mei's burn some resume into CD's and SMS said she doesn't have any cover for it then ask me whether I have any extras, I do but surely not enough for both of us so I decided to make my own CD's covers for both of us. I remembered MummyQ do the same thing when she wraps some dried groceries stuffs back then and I just slightly re-adjust it to fit my CD's.

You'll just need 2 things...
A4 Paper

The steps are...
1) Place the CD onto the middle of the paper.
2) Fold both sides of the paper, make sure it is straight and in line.
3) Fold up bottom of the paper OR you can use the CD's as your guidelines (I use the middle circle).
4) Again fold the upper paper.
5) On the bottom of the paper, fold a small triangle on both side of the paper.
6) Slightly open up upper part of the paper.
7) Slide in the folded bottom part into upper part of the paper.
8) Done!

Easy right? It is all about fold fold fold and fold, there is no need for scissors, glue or so on, and it just require 7 steps only. You can actually made this if you have extra papers or used paper as recycle then you'll save some money than to buy the plastic CD's covers that will cost you another few dollars OR you can made this if you're in hurry and out of CD's covers, it just take few seconds to made one.

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