Crazy Patatoes @ Gurney Plaza

Boyf and me still crave for something after our late lunch and decided to walk around the Gurney Plaza basement as there have quite a few numbers of stalls selling light foods or light snacks. As we going down from the elevator we saw this new operate stall just few steps beside it and it look very catchy, is like hot dog cart you can find in U.S but this is in mall and stall like selling foods similar to that. So after a stroll around the basement we decided to give it a try. The menu is on the counter display and you can look at it before order also you can ask for further explanation you need to know about varieties type flavors they offer. They also have dining area just beside the stall but behind for this picture view so you can eat at there chilling out or chit chat or rest.
Lady Marmalade we ordered. It is thick-cut fries, yes it is really thick. Their one cut of fries equal to 2 1/2 cut fries of Mc'Donald's and the portion is pretty big luckily we just ordered one else we own't be able to finish it by ourselves. They will only fry it for you after your order and payment made so basically it was serve hot and 'fresh', I put the fresh word this way is because its not really fresh as they have it machine cut then frozen it in freezer and not on the spot cut the potato into fries, get what I try to say here?
They're really kind to put so much marmalade sauce for their customers, the sauce was thick in textures, tangy, shiny and smell good, on top of that sprinkle with some herbs.  The fries wasn't oily, the color was nice, it's soft but have the crisp as well also it is moist inside it, everything is just good for me and I think I should pay second visit to try others flavors.

And their address is...
Lot 170-B1-K39/K40 Gurney Plaza, 10250 Persiaran Gurney, Penang 

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