Q Beans @ Gurney Plaza

It was Boyf who introduced to QBeans dessert in Gurney Plaza and he said I must try out their ice-cream and said I'll like very much and worth the price. It was mini corner stall located at the Gurney extended floor, their stall color look very calm and country like with very cute signboard and little bean as their signboard mascot.
So here I also upload their price list and menu of what they offer with their Soy's
It's has been several times we eat it and we still find we still like very much. Like always we go for their Soy's Ice Cream as our dessert before we head back home or after our heavy meal, we do but their soy drinks also but less as it will make us really full after drink the whole cup, however sometimes both of us share one cup if we are really thirsty, still I like their ice cream more. The textures are smooth and not icy, very flavorful and thick in flavor, smell extremely nice, so refreshing but also very fulfilling, not too sweet as well, very compact and not airy type of ice cream you can find in markets. Another plus point for them is their cone, its really crispy, smell nice and sweet but the taste not too sweet and the textures not too thick. Really worth to try it out.

And their address is...
06-05, 6th Floor Gurney Plaza, 10250 Persiaran Gurney, Penang.

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