Maxim's Cakes, Bakery & Gelato House @ Pulau Tikus

It's Jing's that asked us to accompanied her to try out this bakeries ice cream, but I don't really want to try as I used to worked at here and I know this place quite well, same goes to their products, this bakery shop used to be my favorite but their quality start drop and introducing few more products as bakery markets start to competitive still this bakery offer quite affordable price to their customers. I used to think that they offer the most weird ice cream as there is curry flavors and few more odd flavors until I visited Cambodia.
Although the Boss said before that he send their eldest son to overseas to learn gelato which ice cream and master it but I still think they have yet able to come up with the best ice cream yet compared to Hagen Dazz or Baskin Robins and few more international brands and it's quite well known among Penangites, hmmm, I shall say its quite well known just among our district area. As you can see from above picture some ice cream flavors are rare and seldom see in the markets.
Still however I ordered two scoops for myself after all its been three years plus I haven't try it. Although I don't quite like their ice cream but I kinda like their sherbet for diabetic people, yup they have that and I used to eat it a lot because I really like it, not sugary at all but still very refreshing and nice to eat. However their ice cream are over price than it should be and its definitely better to go for Baskin Robins with that price. I can't really remember what I ordered the other day but it was just okay to try it on.

But there is definitely some other flavors you should try on such as Kahlua, Whisky, Bailey's which is non-halal because it is alcohol flavors but there is still other flavors such as Lime, Toblerone and some other chocolates flavors. There is not much I can comment for as I used to worked here as part-timer and some should shall be remain undisclosed but still there is few flavors of the ice cream really worth the try and should go to try it out. Also they offer sundae cones for selected branch only and it quite nice to try it out although not as good as McD sundae cones but seriously really worth to try it.

And their address is...
 Jalan Burma, 10350 Pulau Tikus, Penang.

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