Ayamazz Roti Impit @ UTAR

Actually how I miss this simple, not so healthy food back then when I'm still an undergraduate student's. it's cheap and really nice to eat and its really full for a fast grabbed. I still remember very well that before they have this kiosk station in the building, every time break time or finished classes in between lunch the cafeteria will be so crowded that by the time the queue is our turn, our next class will going to start and we usually ended up with just selected bread as choice as sandwich was sold out as well. Luckily they came up with this and we can grabbed it whenever foods are almost sold out in the cafeteria, and it available from lunch hour to late noon. Although their service are friendly yet slow but it seems like everyone was pleased by it as well.
They offer three types of sausages, mushrooms, cheese and black pepper. Both of us usually ordered only two of them, cheese and black pepper and some basic sauce they offer such as black pepper, chili, mayonnaise, tomato and a few more with some herbs sprinkle on it. The bread was fine, soft, and smell quite nice although it's quite dry even was steamed heated and quite moist but thanks to the steamed else it's going to be really dry and hard. Black pepper sauce kind of spicy as well but there is still some sweet taste.

Actually everything in the sausage bread you can get it from the groceries store, the bread, the sauce, the herbs, as well as the sausages so it is actually has nothing so special with it. It is just the fond memory I had during my uni life and it is something I gratefully feel for it for not making my stomach go empty and foods that a students can afford and it's nice to eat. Seeing the bread, makes me recall back my uni life and how fast times has pass...I would like to have the life back if I can, life were more simpler then.

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  1. Thanks you had take a so nice picture for roti impit^^ welcome to our fanpage www.facebook.com/KFC.UTAR

    1. Hi Hui Leng, thank you for compliments, appreciate it much!=)