Tian Ding Xiang @ Gurney Plaza

So  it was my day and we decided to celebrate it at Gurney Plaza but don't know where to eat and coincidence walk passed this Chinese cuisine restaurant and it was not many people so we decided to give it a try. The environment quite nice - quiet, very relaxing and ambiance. We ordered three dishes and three bowl of rice, they also give light snacks before your foods are served such as Steamed Peanuts. I don't eat it because I prefer to have crunchy peanuts rather than soft peanuts but Boyf ate it still and he said it was nice.

MummyQ ordered Plain Warm Water only because that day was super cold due to heavy rain and strong wind plus super cold air-conditioner in the mall but me and Boyf ordered cold drinks to refresh ourselves. He ordered Lemon Juice although he hate sour drinks or foods, all this is because of sore throat. He said it's not really sour, he can bear with it, I tasted it and I found it quite nice - sweet and sour, it was well blend in and the taste of lemon quite heavy as well and it's very cold, also the scent of lemon was strong, very relaxing drinks for me. While I ordered Honey Lemon, same case because of sore throat.  Mine a lil bit too sweet but it's okay for me because the lemon juice slightly able to covered it, so it was good for me.
For poultry we ordered Nyonya Spare Ribs. We ordered small size but the dishes came out to be quite big in portion as well and we was so surprised by it but definitely worth to pay for it. The meats was good, very flavorful, well marinated, soft, moist but slightly chewy, gravy was good as well, very strong flavors, very aromatic, and soft, presentation was simple, nice and look good. The beans string was fresh as well, sweets, crunchy, juicy and well mix the gravy, and the dish is not oily as well.
Stir-Fried String Beans With Minced Meats and Chili I ordered for our second dish, this is also another vegetables that I like especially it is cooked with chili and they have that in their menu. Like what I mentioned above, the portion was big and the food was good. The string was fresh, crunchy, sweets and juicy, not too spicy as well, I think for those who can't take spicy foods well this is something new they should try it on as it is not spicy at all. Not oily very flavorful and small very good and the minced meats also a lots, plenty of it, this dish was not dry, it is quite juicy so definitely it was good for me.
Ma-Po Taufu, we ordered it because MummyQ have weak tooth and need to eat something more soft and we actually love taufu as well. Basically ma-po taufu is Sichuan dish and it is slightly spicy, it is cooked with bean paste, chili oil,  and minced meats. The portion for this dish was extremely big compared to another two dish and we doubled our surprised compared to both two dishes as well, we were so shocked and laugh then regret it for ordering so many dishes. Although it supposed to be spicy but it doesn't really spicy, I think they make it less spicy so everyone can enjoy it. The beans paste smell wasn't strong which is good to me, although it also rely on chili oil but it doesn't oily as well, the meats was good, it was soft. Although it is not a homemade taufu but it is still very soft bouncy but lack of fragrance of the soya beans.

Their service was good too but some times both of us have problem with it because they communicate in Mandarin and we communicate in English still we able to listen and understand and we just point to them what we want to order. Both of us able to understand Mandarin but have slight difficulty to communicate and totally have problem in reading it, still we can survive for it so far. Their serving was fast too and the price quite reasonable if look for the size, quality and taste. Really worth the try.

And their address is...
Lot 170-06-09/10, Level 6 Gurney Plaza, 10250 Persiaran Gurney, Penang.

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