Orange Chicken Omelette Wrap

Okie Dokie, Boyf said wish to eat Orange Chicken, so we bought the ingredients and wanted to cook together later weekend but sadly we have something came up and don't get to cook it together so I decided to cook for him on the weekdays when he off to work and came back home with some homecook food serve him and something he wish to eat that week.

Ingredients needed are...
Chicken Breast (Cut in cube OR bite size)
Salt & Peppers
Soy Sauce
Orange Juice
Brown Sugar
All Purpose Seasonal Flour
Vinegar (I used Chinese vinegar)
Utensils needed...
Metal Spatula
1. Squeeze the orange juice and add in few spoons of brown sugar (so it won't taste too sour) and mix it
2. Crushed the peppers
3. Marinate the chicken breast with Soy sauce and the crushed peppers for 15-20 minutes
4. Then, covered the marinated chicken breast with All Purpose Seasonal Flour
5. Heat up the oil and start frying the chicken breast
6. Fried until it is golden brown then set it aside on kitchen towel to absorb the extra cooking oil
7. Add in a table spoon or two then pour in the orange juice and let it boil first
8. Then add in all the chicken breast, and let it boil
9. Stir it constantly to avoid any burn and let it boil until the juice became thicken
10. It's done and put it on plate/bowl and let it cool
11. Put in a spoonful of cooking oil and heat it, cracked in some eggs and sprinkle a bit of salt
12. Stir the eggs
13. Lay out the wrap on big plate and take a spoonful of eggs and orange chicken, put on top of it.
14. Roll it up
15. Heat up the oven first before baked
16. Lay down all the wraps on pan and baked it for 10 - 15 minutes (depends on liking)
17. Ding!!! Ready to be serve!
Simple dinner to cook at home and have it with love ones. Plus its very fulfilling and worth every penny and save a lot as well.

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