Ochado @ Kampar

We had our small gathering back then and decided to go out for some drinking session since the weather was so hot and we stop by at Ochado. Since Ipoh and Penang do not have it so we agreed to gave it a try, the concept almost like Chatime actually so now just depend on how's the taste.

Me and Boyf ordered Ice Blended Oreo Chocolate but we have different topping, he had Ice Jelly and I had Pudding, and the rest I'm not sure what they ordered but confirmed is ice blended as well. It's very refreshing to have it during the humid weather but still I personally prefer Chatime over Ochado. Not bad actually, very thick in textures, very flavorful and the topping they offer also quite a lots but one thing which I don't really like the level of sweetness. Although I asked for less sugar but it still very very sweet for me, I wonder whether is their mistake or not or it is actually this sweet. Boyf also almost fainted after tasted it and ask for plain water to drink later. Like I said their textures really thick and very flavorful but less aromatic and smooth. Nothing much to comment but really worth the try, I should try it again next time just to make sure the sugar level was a mistake or not.
Above is their menu for you to refer to and the price almost like others brand's.

And their address is...
No. 2233, Jalan Batu Karang, Bandar Baru Kampar (Westlake/New Town), 31900 Kampar, Perak.

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