Hot Rock @ Genting

So the incomplete Cunning Gangz went to Genting for holiday during the semester break, to enjoy, to reward and to relax ourselves after the horror of final exams.

After we reached there and check-in ourselves into our hotel room, we hurriedly go for food hunting because we're so hungry and as we walk around we discovered food court inside First World Hotel and we don't know there is food court in the hotel, usually we will for fast food or Old Town White Coffee. All of us agreed to try it out because I never been there before and they also offer varieties of food selection plus the price also affordable and it's under our budget, is a Yippies moments. I'm not sure whether the food is not nice or not many people know about it because once we stepped in, its not crowded like the fast food chains around Genting, the environment very quiet and not many people. We found it by accident.

As we walk around the food court to find what to eat then we found this station called Hot Rock, not Hard Rock but Hot Rock, very interesting name and we all gather to see what they offer and ask how's the food preparation and they excitedly explained to us and they daring go for it while I'm a bit chicken out but with peer pressure in the end I ordered one as well which only only cost about RM 10.00+ for chicken, it come together with fried rice, salad and sauce for you to dip for the chicken.

Usually we have gas turn on while we grill our meats but this they really just heat up the rock or marble at the extreme hot temperature then put the meat on top and you'll grill by ourselves, meaning you have to be fast because Genting is a cold place and the stone temperature will start dropping, before it become cold it is best to fully cooked your chicken so we basically in rush while playing around like kids. Surprisingly even after we finished the meal the rock actually still hot.

Overall the food just okay, editable nothing much to say. Chicken was cooked personally by me and there is not much seasoning available so the taste basically just fine. Salad was ok but not cold enough and the rice not very aromatic but quite flavorful although it was served cold. Worth the try because it is fun play with, just like back to childhood time where you play cooking stuffs, just that this time involve real food.

Genting First World Plaza Food Court

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