Home Cooked Nasi Goreng Briyani

When there is left over rice, remember put it in fridge and use it for fried rice as it makes the best fried rice ever! Let it cool down to room temperature before fried it, while doing that you can prepare the ingredients needed for the fried rice. We're not making any normal fried rice but Nasi Goreng Briyani/Briyani Fried Rice.
And the ingredients is up to you what you want to put in and we just use what we have inside our freezer.

The ingredients are...
Chicken Meatloaf (Ayam Dinding Brand)
Smoked Chicken Sausages (Farm's Best Brand)
Chicken Patty (Ramly Brand)
Leftover Rice
Also not to forget Maggie Instant Briyani Powder (available at any groceries store)

1) Chopped all the ingredients into bite size pieces, while heating up the wok and oil. 

Note: Do Not put too much oil if you're using Ramly's Chicken Patty because the patty itself has it fats/oil.
2) Mix the rice well before fried it, to avoid the chunks.

3) Beat up the eggs.
4) Fried the ingredients first when its almost cooked put in the rice and stir it.

5) Put in the Briyani powder spoon by spoon while stirring the rice, mix it well. (Note: I prefer put in the powder spoon by spoon so all the rice able to covered with the Briyani powder)

6) Make a hole between the rice then pour in the egg, let it cooked awhile then stir it awhile before mixes the rice together with the egg.

7) Let it awhile, off the fire then stir it awhile again then it is ready to serve!

Above ready fried rice has anchovies and chopped bird's eye chili is I added it as extra because I love anchovies and bird's eye chili while Boyf did not put it because there is bird's eye chili. I took this picture because it looks more lively compared to Boyf just because mine have some red and green color in my rice.

Extra Ingredients
Bird's Eye Chili

How to:

1) Heat up the oil in the wok in very high temperature.

2) Unpacked the anchovies and clean it and cut the Bird's Eye Chili.

3) Deep fried the anchovies until it become brown and crispy.

4) Drain the anchovies, then fried it together with Bird's Eye Chili

5) Back the step 6, after fried the eggs together with the rice put in the anchovies and bird's eye chili then together fried it.

Just that simple, here you go simple dinner or lunch to have with your loved ones. I hope you like it!

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