Domino's Pizza @ Pulau Tikus

Ever since I had my first Domino's, I have totally fall for it and I'm a satisfy customer. If you ever asked me to choose between Pizza Hut, U.S Pizza and Domino's Pizza in fast food chain, I definitely will choose Domino's. They have selected pizza for you to choose but they offer varieties types of pizza based which an additional points for them.

I'll always go for Crunchy Thin Crust, its my favorite! The based was very thin, very crunchy at each edge of the pizza but the same time, the based are very soft and moist. Very very aromatic of the baked based, the flour smell really so nice to smell and every time I'll inhale the smell before I officially pop the pizza into my mouth. I actually can finish the whole regular pizza for myself if I ever order this based, no kidding! I'm a big big fans of this based.
Once me and Boyf did ordered Cheese Burst Double Decker and I would say that it is really awesome! But very very fulled after second slices for me, maybe because of the cheese and double deck thin crust pizza. It's really yumm~! The amount of cheese they put in it really a lots and it drips out when we pick a slice of it and the length of the cheese when stretch, was so beautiful. Same as thin crust it was very aromatic, soft, moist and very crispy at the edge the pizza. At the same time the cheese between the crust is so smooth, very flavorful and non too sticky nor watery. Really awesome but don't ever order other regular or large pizza if you order this, you'll feel your tummy going to explode at the of the meal.
And both of us love their Twisty Bread to death! It is so aromatic, so flavorful, so soft, so moist and so elastic feel. The rough chopped garlic and butter with some herbs sprinkle on it really well mix and spread, just that simple but absolutely heaven like, it's a bit of salty but not too salty, just very catchy for you to want more and not too oily as well. I can have this for days! And we also like Breadstix as well, it comes with special sauce of Domino's, its like BBQ sauce but not really close to it and we love to dip the bread into that sauce. At first we find it weird and not comfortable with it as we used to eat just Garlic Bread itself or dip it with Mushrooms soup but Domino's offer sauce, but the more we try it the more we love it.

Domino's well known for its delivery service but you also can dine-in as well but you have to self service yourselves. Someone will help to clean the table if they're free but mostly you have to do it yourself because Domino's unlike Pizza Hut or U.D Pizza who open to dine-in, they are more to delivery service. Both of us like to dine-in because the feeling of having at there was very pleasant, the service was fast, friendly and not too crowded but the customer's are the main problem here. They dine-in, they ate and they left!!! Without cleaning the table and it's so messy, the crew was busy taking orders, baking at the kitchen and doing delivery so no one is free to clean the table, I did not blame them for not cleaning up the table, if this happen to Pizza Hut or U.S Pizza I'll blame it on them because their main service point are different. I very mad at those customer's, really. Just pack it up and throw it in the rubbish bin that is ready, just that simple but not many people doing it.

Besides their services that attract both of us, I find Domino's better in terms of quality as well. They did maintain their quality at standard line so does their service. Their pizza also less oily, much more aromatic, more flavorful and the ingredients they put on it also a lots, more soft, the bread also very elastic and moist. Everything are good and now we're their big fans.

For more information regarding their promotion, menu, location and contact, please click here. Thank you.

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