Chopper Board @ Gurney Plaza

When we were just a poor students who relied heavily on our monthly allowance for dating, we definitely would come here after some saving because they offer the best price a student can afford to and it's definitely look more better than dining at food court. Since we were students back then and our allowance not much, we cannot afford to dine at Chili's, Winter Warmer's or so and we like something a cafe would offer instead having our meal at fast food chains and food court so we will some here. It is a place with silly memories of ours. Since graduated from university until recently it's been four years plus we did not have our meal at there, even through we frequently dating at Gurney Plaza so one day we decided to dine at there.

Like usual, we ordered set meals which more worth every pennies we pay for the food and the meals come with your main dish and a glass of beverage. They usually offer Ginseng Tea as drinks and it taste sweet and quite aromatic, of course not the expensive ginseng, just cheap one but it able to bring satisfaction to their customers. Both of us love their Chopper Soup which is their specialty, we called it Economical Shark-Fin Soup and I ordered Mushrooms Soup just to complement my meal. Chopper Soup some how like starchy soup with heavy seafood smell and sprinkle with some string crisp that later will melt down and become soggy but its very flavorful, not too sweet nor salty, best serve during hot and best have it when it is hot. The textures a bit rough, not too thick nor watery, just good while their Mushrooms Soup not that impressive. Not aromatic, weak in flavoring and hardly taste any small bite of mushrooms. However, the textures of the soup was good, soft and silk like feel also creamy but hardly taste any cream in it, I personally prefer their Chopper Soup.
We also like side dishes and we ordered Fried Nuggets, basically nothing special about it and you can actually get a packet of nuggets at groceries store, same goes to mayonnaise, what you'll need just to add some lime juice in it then mix well, so overall just fine for me.
Boyf said every time he dine at there, there is only one dish he will order which is Black Pepper Chicken Rice and he never fail to do that. It comes with half hard boiled egg, mix vegetables, chopper board string crisp and black pepper chicken. I'm not sure what he likes about it because I just fine it just fine, it taste slightly sweeter than spicy but I can guess that he likes it is because it's mix of little spicy and sweet and at the same time a lot of gravy, however you'll still be able to taste the black pepper taste. Although the scent was not strong and you can know by smelling there is a mixture of pepper smell and sweet scent and it's quite catchy.
While I ordered Fish & Chips on that day because I don't felt like having heavy food because of troubled stomach. Everything served on the plate was warm, but I personally prefer the coleslaw to be serve cold so with the mayonnaise which really helps to open up your appetite but everything on the plate was warm so a bit turned off for me and they only gave two slices of wedges which a bit too little for me, it's not flavorful maybe because of the coating was too thin and a bit bland as well. Fish was very aromatic, crispy, and quite flavorful but I have very sensitive nose and I could smell fishy smell very strong which another point turned off my appetite and make me nausea #sound like pregnant woman right? But I'm not. Seriously. Just the weird thing inside me# also a bit dry. However, the portion was ok, quite big but due the their plate are big so it looks quite small and empty.
Since it is a set meal so they also come with desserts as well and we had Chocolate Moist Cake and Chocolate Ice Cream. Ice cream just like normal ice cream you can get at the stores but the chocolate moist cake wasn't that moist after all, it's quite dry and hard but quite rich in chocolate and flavors.

And their address is...
No. 04-47A, Gurney Plaza, 10250 Persiaran Gurney, Penang.

No 2F-73, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

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