Burger King @ Sungai Pinang

During our lunch break boyf have extra hours before back to work so we had our lunch together at Burger King at Sungai Pinang outlet. Both of us ordered set meal and like usual burget fast food chain it some with carbonated drinks/soft drinks and french fries as you can see from above picture.
French Chicken Burger was what I ordered because in the picture display at the menu board show there is a slice of ham and I love hams and the portion showed in the picture was big in size. UNFortuantely when I opened up the wrap and I was so disappointed by it. The portion was so small, and I can't see the ham as well, where is the ham?! I was so mad felt cheated. The taste just ok but a bit dry, not very flavorful and aromatic as well. I might as well go back to McD better.
Boyf ordered Spicy Tendersrisp and it look so much better than mine, at least not that disappointing. Vegetable not so much, sauce spread quite little and bread a bit hard, size a bit small - almost like mine, that's all, not so disappointing like mine right? Although it stated spicy there but it doesn't taste spicy at all but quite crispy and as you can see from above picture, the vegetable wasn't fresh anymore, the color really become dull and dark.

French Fries was ok but not really impressive, a bit bland, soggy and absorb quite a bit of oil while soft drinks just normal, nothing special about it.

The service at Sungai Pinang was really slow and not so efficient and the restaurant a bit messed up, table was not clean frequently, the environment of the restaurant was warm and the ketchup-chili counter was sticky and there was mosquitoes flying over the counter and it look unhygienic to me.

Overall I rather eat at McD or I prefer McD but somehow sometimes we still dine at there just because their value set meal which cost almost RM 6.00 and its near to where I'm staying.

And their address is...
No. 58, Lebuh Sungai Pinang Satu, 10150 Georgetown, Penang.

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