Black Canyon @ Jaya Jusco Ipoh

I first found it at Ipoh Jusco, since then we frequently dine at there throughout our internship at Ipoh. Curiosity drive us to find another good place to eat, we often found that this restaurant form day to night are full with customers, and it have its reason to remain so many customers. The restaurant environment wasn't that bad as well despite the crowded customers, their service was friendly and fast as well which is something that I like.

Canyon Set B - American Fried Rice, Mini Tom Yum Soup and Fruit Juice. That's what I've always ordered whenever I dine at there. I love this meal is because its simple and nice also it is something that I like it very much. It comes with few slices of chicken ham, fried egg, sausages, Belacan fried chicken, simple slices of vegetables and most of all is tomato rice which is my favorite rice of all types of rice available in our Asian countries. The Belacan fried chicken was nice, well marinated, juicy, flavorful, smell quite nice and soft although the size rather a bit small, I prefer an omelette rather than fried egg because it will helps to taste better, vege was ok same with the sausages and hams which you really can get if frozen station at groceries stores. Now come to the tomato rice, it was very flavorful, portion was nice, textures was nice, very aromatic as well, not so oily but a bit too wet but it's ok as I know that it is very hard to cook tomato rice.
Rib Eye Steak With Black Pepper Mushrooms Gravy, something that Boyf love to have but I couldn't taste it because I'm allergy to it.
Family Set A (2 pax) if I'm not mistaken it only cost below RM 30.00 with three dishes - Chicken Tom Yum Soup, Combination of Chicken, Chili & Prawns and Stir-Fried Mix Vegetables With Oyster Sauce and two White Rice. When it comes to Black Canyon, I think it is a must to try out their Tom Yum as it is quite nice and worth it. It is quite spicy and sour, the textures quite thick, less oily , very flavorful, very aromatic, the taste of it really nice and the ingredients in it quite a lot as such varieties of mushrooms, vegetables and chicken meats, the portions are quite big as well although the colors doesn't look good. As for chicken it was nice, the meats was tender, and soft, the gravy was very flavorful and smell nice, although it was said it is chili but it doesn't really taste spicy compared to Tom Yum soup and lots more oily as well. However, the vegetables was good, very flavorful, smell very nice and the vege was fresh, taste sweets and juicy. not oily but less gravy. It definitely something worth to try out.

As soon as we know Penang Island has opened another branch at Gurney Plaza, we immediately went there to try out and it seems like everything are still the same and we're happy that they finally decided to opened another one in island as we knew mainland have another branch but we're not familiar with mainland road. Besides, taste, the environment are good, same goes to the price and their service.

And their address is...
G-41, Gurney Plaza, 10250 Persiaran Gurney, Penang.
Lot G-29, Jaya Jusco Kinta City Shopping Centre, Jalan Teh Lean Swee, 31400 Ipoh, Perak

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