Zhou Restaurant @ Macalister Road

My 4th Aunt suddenly came to pay us a visit and suggested to bring us to try new porridge at the town area, at first me and Boyf refused because it's hard to find parking at that place but they insisted and ok, no choice, we have to bring them go since MummyQ was so eager to try it out.

There is nothing so special about the shop except the name, because they actually use one famous Taiwanese-Singer and Actor - Jay Chou name to represent their signature in Chinese Calligraphy and playing his song in the restaurant all day long also the shop was painted with very very yellow paint and the place mainly rely on ceiling fans only, the the environment is quite hot and yellow color seems to be double the heat feeling.

We were seated and menu was given to us to see and WoW, there is so many types of porridge they offer and I don't know which to order for fear it won't taste good. 4th Aunt tried before so she ordered, clock wise;
Signature Congee Base,
Curry Congee Base,
Herbal Congee Base, and
Tom Yum Congee Base.

The porridge was well cooked, so soft, not too watery or very thick in textures, it's silky smooth, very flavorful and the portion is quite big and we really regret to allowed my 4th Aunt to ordered so much! All of us find its ok, very nice to eat but not MummyQ although both 4th Aunt and MummyQ are Nyonya but my 4th Aunt are more open to foods, any types of foods for example she can accept Cantonese porridge very well although she is Nyonya but definitely not MummyQ, she cannot accept this type of porridge, it's good for elders who are toothless or have weak teeth but still she prefer Nyonya porridge. However the porridge will later cause you slightly thirsty although it is very flavorful and slightly sweet for herbal ones because they use Wolfberries which is sweets by itself but as for curry it is not spicy same goes to Tom Yum flavors not spicy and sour as well but the more you eat the more you will feel 'urgh, that's enough.'
We ordered Fried Crispy Dumpling and I really like it. The filling is some minced pork meats, chunk meats and century eggs. It's simple snacks bites, it well mixes with the ingredients, non oily, very flavorful, crispy, soft but a lil bit too moist or should I say too wet which slightly spoiled the dish. It's good to try and I think it is best to go together with rice but not porridge because it's too moist.
Of course me and Boyf favorite, Salted Egg. MummyQ and 4th Aunt favorite Preserved Bean Curd and we also ordered Seasonal Vegetables, not to missed out Minced Meats. Nothing much to comment here basically because two are from ready make food. Another two - One is minced meat which you can refer to first photo, it is with Tom Yum Congee Base. It is just okay, nothing to brag about, it was smooth, soft and juicy but not flavorful, They can actually make it better by adding in more salt and pepper while preparing the meatballs before cooked it, I would be prefer that. Their salted egg taste quite good actually, not too salty, over cooked or under cooked, it is soft and the yolk was big and we love it! While for vege, they use lettuce. It was crispy, juicy and sweets also there is soy sauce and oyster sauce mixes together so it's a little bit sweets and salty which is suitable to eat together with just plain porridge and a lil bit sprinkle of deep fried garlic.
Barbecue Roast Pork or known as Char Siew, yes we ordered it because it looks really delicious but I should say that we got cheated by its look! It was really dry and chewy, sweets sauce doesn't help to make it a lil bit more moist. Not well marinated, mainly rely on the sweets sauce and it is not shiny at all. Not a good Char Siew although it looks so beautiful.

Their service quite good actually but in terms of parking then there is a lots of problems because it is located near to New Lane Hawkers Center, which just opposite it and if you get the chance to park around there, ready few Ringgits to get your car wash by the professionals as birds poo just bomb onto your car like World War 3, I'm not kidding, it is one serious matter, no joke! I think Penangites will understand it very very well.

And their address is...
No. 68A, Jalan Macalister, 10400 Georgetown, Penang.

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