Yea Japanese Barbecue & Shabu Shabu @ Penang Times Square

It was our anniversary dinner and we decided to have it at here since we never try it before and it was actually last year, we make it a bit more grand, dine in better place, more fine one because we skipped it once because we were busy with our thesis, exams and presentations and Kampar, don't have nice places for us to celebrate more over we just have motorcycle to go any place that is far, it's dangerous. Boyf suggested this place as his sister said it was nice, yeah no more surprise dinner or whatsoever because we're really one old couple. I say the environment quite nice, very ambiance environment, very quiet surrounding and we have helpers to helps us with refilling our beverage and assists us in every things.

Unlike other barbecue places use pan fried flat plate, barbecue plate or so on, Yea uses transparent marble stone as the pan fried, I think it is a good choice to use that to maintain the heat as the environment quite chill, if is steel pan fried then it is more easily things become cold and I find it more hygiene because you can actually spot the dirt and wash it away and more easily to clean up the oil and they have varieties of soup based for you to choose from and without thinking much I jumped for Kimchi soup without thinking that Boyf not a big big fans of Kimchi while I am, and feel so sorry about it but still both of us actually more focus on barbecue rather than shabu shabu.
The ingredients used for the barbecue, Chili Pepper, Pepper, Salt, Soy Sauce and so on also a bottle of clean water (refillable) bottle to wash/clean the marble stone when it gets dirty and also a box of tissue
So they have few stations for the foods and I took few of its except desserts station. They have meats station which we love the most because they have varieties of meats and parts of the meats, what you need to do is just tell them and they will take it out for you. Also have many types of sauce, we didn't get to try all of them or shall I say we actually don't dare to try all of them because some sounds weird to us. They have seafood section, vegetables sections as well as frozen foods section.
It's our first time there and they actually provide us with chef to cook for us, not just demonstrate for us to see then leave but cook for us, I felt so privilege, like a boss, there is chef cooked for us and served us, clean the marble stone for us as well . Above picture actually is thin slices of chicken meats cooked by our personal chef, you can actually see oil drizzling on the stone. Actually I think it was much more healthier because there is only slightly rely on cooking oil and not plenty of melted butter, also you can marinate your meats on the spot or just cook with the seasoning available on the table.

But when it comes to price matter, it is a bit expensive and I personally think is not worth it because they have their time limit per table and I really don't like that! Since we pay for it, why not just let us eat comfortably instead of chasing the time and the price was RM 53.00+ that's exclude taxes, so we actually paid for almost RM 60.00 per person but unable to eat comfortably? What sorcery is that? I'm actually quite like their service and the environment and the foods provided to us but really disappointed with the terms. Now I need to think twice before step in into here again because I find it not worth for the money I paid. I don't even have the time for desserts, that is why you don't see any picture of it. I prefer Nagore Road Steamboat Barbecue then with only RM 20.00+, I can eat all I want, no time limit. Although there is no personal chef for us, no one going to assist us and the environment quite noisy but it's fine for me, worth every penny I pay for it.

And their address is...
Ground Floor, Penang Times Square, 10150 Jalan Dato Keramat, Penang.

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