Yau Kee Restaurant @ Kampar

One day The Cunning Gang planned to try out their famous curry chicken bread but unfortunately we were there too early, way too early, their famous curry chicken bread is not ready yet, still in preparing so we was disappointed because we planned this to avoid the crowd and to have it as breakfast but it turn out to be we had Dim Sum at there, well ok at least we had our breakfast and the plan did not go down to drain for nothing for waking up so super early where we can have our beauty sleep that weekend.

They have limited choice of Dim Sum but it's ok at least have the basic Dim Sum dishes like Siew Mai, Char Siew Pao, Lor Mai Kai or in English term is Steamed Glutinous Rice With Chicken In Lotus Leafs Wrap, Steamed Fishballs, Har Koa/Shrimp Dumpling, Egg Tart and so on. Basically we select a few to try on, the color wasn't look attractive at all presentation also, well just normal. All I can say is, it is quite nice actually despite they are not famous for their Dim Sum but their Lor Mai Kai a bit dry and what surprised me is the Char Siew Pao size is quite big unlike Penang one so small like 3 big bites then the pao is fisnish, worth the try and our effort of waking up so early sis not gone wasted.
So on that day we went back to take our graduation robe/gown together with OCE's and TH's his gf, we decided to go buy it and bring it home for our relatives and family the next day. I was like finally I get to eat it after three years! Gosh that's really took very long time, and sorry Cunning Gangz I enjoy it without you guys around me.
So we bought small one, they actually offer small and big size. The small one cost around RM 20.00+, I would like to say that the small one the size almost like medium size rather than small as you can see from the picture above. So the bread really awesome and yummlicious, no wonder people say Kampar Curry Chicken Bread is the most nice one and we must not missed it when we are around Kampar. The bread really very soft, very very aromatic, very moist, very fluffy and was baked perfectly until golden brown also it look very very shiny. So I don't get to take a picture of what's inside because our mouth way faster than the camera click.
So last year, we held a small gathering and we decided to go Yau Kee again to try their Curry Chicken Bread because the first attempt we don't get to try it together and at the same time, we try out their other foods as well. So we ordered Sugar Cane as our drinks and it's super sweets, I don't know whether they add extra sugar syrup in it or not because sugar cane basically already sweet but this is like extra sweetened. And a big bottle of sugar cane, it cost us around RM 7.00  or so, quite affordable and we shared among six of us.
So tadaaa what's inside Curry Chicken Bread. Nothing really special to show, just to show for the sake of show what's inside the bread, it is just a packet or wrap of curry chicken inside the bread. Curry Chicken actually more like curry chicken stewed but we just called it curry chicken and it is everyone favorite. The ingredients mostly is finely grind onions, ginger, chili, tumeric, cinnamon and some other spices but these days we can get ready packs ingredients in supermarkets or wet markets, much more simpler and easier.

They have two types of chicken bread which is - Curry Chicken and Herbal Chicken and we ordered curry one same like previously I bought back for MummyQ and since they are also famous for curry so yeah and we love curry. Warning here, for those who can't take spicy foods order their Herbal Chicken because their curry pretty spicy, Chi's can't stand spicy food but still she go for it just dip her bread with just very lil curry gravy. The textures really thick and creamy, spicy, very flavoful, very aromatic and the color really really nice, lots of chicken meats as well but I really prefer if they can get rid of the bones and skins as well and add in some potatoes. The chicken really well absorb the curry and it's very soft and flavorful, oh yeah we ordered big one because there is six of us which cost only RM 30.00+ and I find that I can't have enough of it, I think I can have it for like a week or so and I must say that it is really really a must to try it out.
Yau Kee Noodle or more like Stir Fried Yee Mee but a bit different because it is more springy and less airy.  I really like it, very flavorful, the smell a lot more like yee mee and not that aromatic, lots of of ingredients and the portion is quite big however a bit too salty. I'm not a fans of yee mee because it's oily and have weird smell and airy but surprisingly I like this noodle very much. Very much alike yee mee but different feeling and slightly different textures. I wonder is it their special made because I couldn't fine it in supermarkets
So we have here is Claypot Lou Shu Fen or known as Bee Tai Bak in Penang and obviously is my favorite and definitely not Boyf favorite, however we still ordered it because the girls like it and was recommended by the auntie. I would say it's really nice but again a bit too salty, I really wonder they love salty food or the salt price is cheap. When it comes to non fat noodle, I'll love it very much so yeah and Lou Shu Fen is non fat noodle, girls who want on diet they can try this out. It has gravy and lots of ingredients, very flavorful and smell very nice, the portion also quite big and the claypot maintain the warm so it's really worth the try, the Lou Shu Fen really smooth, silky feel, soft and very shiny and the shape of it still in good condition because I once had broken shape noodle and it's very hard to eat it. Lou Shu Fen especially smooth and hard to pick up with chopstick but it's good that they cooked it in good shape and maintain it.

The environment just fine and usually they will lead you to air-conditioned restaurant then non air-condition and their service is quite fast and quite friendly, bring someone who know how to speak Mandarin or Cantonese if you don't know how to speak because they cannot speak English and you can actually see few newspaper cut-out about their restaurant on the wall and some photos taken with local and international celebrities (mostly from Hong Kong).

And their address is...
No. 55, Jalan Idris, 31900 Kampar, Perak.

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