Wong Chau Jun Restaurant @ Rangoon Road

Many youngster doesn't know about this place, this restaurant mainly crowded with middle age people especially aunties and uncles who just finished their morning exercise at park. It is another place to have breakfast and lunch as well because they offer both heavy foods and lights foods. The restaurant name was adapted from one of the famous "Four Beauties" from the ancient of China, I wasn't aware about the name behind it but I really like name, easy to remember I guess until I was told by someone. They hired mostly middle age aunties to be their waitress but they are good in terms of memory and they are friendly and fast too. They able to brief you all their menu without looking in the menu - well no menu booklets and they speak Chinese so bring along someone who can communicate in Mandarin or Hokkien if you cannot speak one of those languages but now they attached some of their famous dishes menu together with picture in frame on wall so you could look at them if you missed out their speedy menu briefing.
I used to go together with MummyQ when I have no any of vehicles license so she will fetch me there to have breakfast whenever she feel she want it or was just around there but now I go with Boyf and she go with her girlfriends auntie for breakfast. And we usually only two types of dishes which is:-

Special Wong Chau Jun Fish Meats Vermicelli or known as Spicy and Sour Fish Meats Vermicelli. Almost like Tom Yum but it is in clear soup and a lots more messy, as in all of the ingredients from soup based to topping are all in one pot and you will have slightly trouble scooping your vermicelli and fish meats but it was all worth it if you like spicy and sour foods like Tom Yum. It is less oily compared to Tom Yum or actually I like to called it White Tom Yum because it taste to just in clear soup, very aromatic and very flavorful, the soup was very hot so it is good to warm up your body during the morning and the taste just good enough to open your taste buds/your appetite during the awful morning, no body love morning and the fish meats is just fresh, juicy, sweets and it was thin in slices and of course the soup flavors was not absorb into the meats, it is just a quick cooked and eat it together with the soups and vermicelli, it was nice and warmth.

Steamed Fish Slice Ginger Hor Fun is the second food we will order and its Boyf favorite, he said that he is too old to eat sour food too much therefore he prefer something simple and mild food. For this dish you can actually ask for fried fish if you don't feel like having steamed fish and like I said before the fish meats really fresh and the Hor Fun they use is very fine in quality, very thin layer, smooth, the length and width is good and less oily as well. Together with their special mix soy sauce with Chinese wine and some ginger slices, the combination of the ingredients really simple but the output was fantabulous, good to have it whether in hot or cold weather.

And their address is...
No. 73, Jalan Rangoon, 10400 Georgetown, Penang.

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