Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Dessert House @ Cantonment Road

We were once here together with course-mates and then we came again together with Jing's because she never been here before and we brought her here. People said this was not the original of Tong Pak Fu, they just used their name before the real one come but now the real one came but people still visit this place occasionally.

I've always love for Mango and I also love bean curd and here they offer both at the same time in a bowl and yeshhhhhhhh! I definitely order this Mango Soy Bean Curd and every time I came here surely I order this and Boyf get bored of me, he ask "Can't you try other stuffs? there is plenty other things to order from this menu."  I'm just nah I'm good. I say their mango was chill, sweets, soft, juicy and fresh. It's simple dessert actually, you can make it at home except the bean curd. Just puree the mango then blend with few ice cubes and cut the mango into cube size then serve together with the bean curd then tadaaa, ready to be serve. Actually there is nothing to unusual, I find it pretty ok but recently I pay a visit at there again and it seems like they did improve a lots just a lots more foreign workers. It's not that watery and small portion anymore but it very rich in mango, the textures was thick and the smell of the mango was strong and the portion bigger than last last time visit.
Then Boyf ordered Sea Coconut With Black Glutinous Rice. I did not tried it because I really not a fans of coconut and not in a mood trying it, not in a adventurous mode but Boyf said not bad.
And Jing's ordered Grape Aloe Vera. I thinks is good just too much of ice and it became watery too soon due to the humid weather we has here. Maybe one day I shall try it because Jing's said good but I'm not quite like it because the skin is unpeeled.

And their address is...
37D, Cantonement Road, 10250 Pulau Tikus, Penang.

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