Tomato Ketchup Restaurant @ Kampar

So we stayed at Eastlake for 3 years during my undergraduate years because the houses rental used to be more cheap than the hostel also much much more nearer to campus although starting there is nothing there but more like ghost city, now I believe there is a lots of shops available there, laundry, foods, furniture and so on. It's hard to have dinner I remember because all shops close down and the only foods we have are Tesco Supermarkets Food Courts until slowly people start to operate their business at these area and we got home based western food restaurant, it was like finally we have western food in Eastlake, basically my time all we have there is Chinese Cafe and Mamak's Cafe, if you are craving for western food, you have to go all the way to Westlake so it's like our saviour.

So we always ordered fruits juice although they also offer other beverage like tea and so on. I actually quite like their Watermelon Juice except that it is a bit too sweet, fruits basically have their own sweetness and sugar level and they shouldn't add so much syrup in it, there is some watermelon pulp in it, so it is good.
I think they are famous for their Bacon Ham With Parmesan Cheese because I saw many order them so I also ordered one. Yeah it was good, not over too creamy, thick in textures or watery and the sauce is a lots too! Not the best but it is really not bad, taste quite good, it taste really home based meals, nothing extravagant, presentation was simple was well. The noodle was well cooked too! Not overcooked or under cook and the noodle sikly smooth. I prefer they give more of the bacon ham because just few slices is not enough, I know bacon is expensive but I guess they can actually add pork ham also else it was like just eating plain creamy noodle.
As for dessert they always have cheesecake awaiting for us and each week they offer different type of cheesecake and it is just fine, not the best but fine. We ordered Marble Cheesecake to share, just me and Boyf, it wasn't very rich in cheese but quite flavorful and slightly creamy, also quite moist and soft. The price of course much more cheaper than Secret's Recipes cakes but the quality are almost the same, almost and of course it taste much more better than King's Bakery at Tesco hypermarkets. It's actually worth the try if you wish for cheesecake at Kampar at cheap and quite nice taste.

And their address is...
No. 106, Jalan Perdana, Taman Kampar Perdama 2, 31900 Kampar (Eastlake), Perak.

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