Simple DIY Recycle Old Blouse Into Scarf

Have you wonder what you gonna do with your worn off blouse? Besides donating it or throw it away? Well you can actually recycle it, either make it table cloths or floor wipers but sometimes your blouse is a lil too pretty to be wasted just like that right? Then why don't you DIY it into a simple scarf? It helps you to save some money as well as style you up whenever you are out for movies or dinner and even able to make a good use of recycle clothes to wear for another extra few years. Sound goods right?

So what you gonna need is:
Old Blouse/Shirt
1) Measures how much you want cut from the collar/neckline by using ruler and pencil to draw a line on it.
2) Follow the measures line then using scissors to cut it accordingly, it is ok if the cutting crook a bit, it won't visible when you wear it around your neck. If you scare small pieces of the clothes drop out or threat being pull out then you can actually slightly stitches at the end of the clothes, while me, I did not do it because I'm fine with it, my clothes being super nice to me and I'm lazy to do any extra work as long as it is wearable then I'm ok with it.
Then it is done! you can wear it now or later or future. I did not take a picture of me wearing the scarf as I'm not pretty or cute to be posted so I replace my Fatty's bear as me wearing the scarf, isn't simple and nice? And it is comfortable too.

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