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I'm not a fans of Japanese food, but when do, I eat but only fully cooked, I'm a person who dislike raw food even a lil bit raw I will immediately stop eating it, I know Japanese food not only about raw food that is why I said when I do, I only eat fully cooked food. I'm not that stupid yet, there is few dishes I like in Japanese food, not that I really dislike it or what just not a huge fans of it.

Me and Boyf went for Japanese meal for dinner, as I'm craving for it, yes not a huge fans but sometimes I can still craving for it, after-all I'm human and have big appetite when it comes to food. Boyf love steam egg, so he ordered Sakae Chawanmushi, their specialty, I love egg too but I find that Chawanmushi slightly different from normal Chinese steam egg and I find it taste a bit weird? But I find Sakae Chawanmushi is acceptable because it's high in flavor, not sure is it because the mushrooms, crabstick or the shark's fin that helps out, smell nice and taste nice too also not that airy.
In Japanese food, the food I like the most is something involve with Japanese curry, honestly I can'y have enough for it and so I ordered Curry Udon. Honestly the portion is quite big or should I say large? I suppose it is suitable to share with 2 people instead eat it alone. Udon is one type of noodle use in Japanese cuisine, it is thick type of wheat flour noodle and usually serve in hot soup, imagine the portion and the thick noodle? It's super full and worth it! I taste really nice. The ingredients are quite simple - cubed potatoes, cube chicken meat, fish cakes and carrots and the amount of the ingredients are quite a lots. The curry textures also good, not too watery or too thick, the udon was well cook together with the curry as the udon have a very strong smell of curry, usually udon hardly absorb the scent of curry as it was thick but here they did it, and presentation was nice and funny as the spoon is so big like those spoon to use for spooning soup.
Boyf ordered Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl, the portion was big as well and the ingredients was quite a lots, it have radish, mushrooms, cubed grilled chicken and also some sauces. Presentation look nice to me as well but surely I won't comment regarding this taste matters as I did not get to taste it so it is best not to provide wrong information and Boyf just said taste quite nice nothing more.

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