Red Garden Food Court @ Lebuh Leith

Red Garden Food Court is another tourist spot to enjoy local and fusion foods as dinner at here as well as for the locals people. We seldom come here but once in awhile we will dine at here, maybe because it is a tourist spot and the food and beverage price a bit expensive and the environment the more late it is the more crowded and noisy because at some hours they will hire local singers to sing at the stage place at middle of the food court and we don't like that type of environments. I love fruits juice, I love to eat but I'm a lazy eater so it's best to replace solid fruits to juices, you don't need to bite or chew you just need to drink it and it taste as good as it is. So I ordered Carrot Milk Jumbo Size. The taste was not bad, not too sweet or bland, well mix between the carrots juice and condensed milk but kind of a bit watery.
Me and Boyf only stick to order this dish every time go there to eat, maybe because of the portion, taste and price are more reasonable and worth for what we paid. It is Nasi Briyani, although the portion may look small in the pot but actually it is quite big, I'm quite a heavy eater due to my metabolism burn quite fast and this meal really help me to feel full for quite long. They offer varieties type of Nasi Briyani - Chicken, Mutton, Vegetables, Egg, and a few more, the ingredients they gave quite a lot as well. I usually order Chicken Nasi Briyani. The rice was very fluffy, soft, very aromatic, very flavorful, warm and it was well mix and covered with spices, it's really nice and now makes me kinda crave for it. As for the chicken it was soft but not that moist, very flavorful and it is in bite size and well blend in together with the rice so it was good
Once we ordered this pizza because we was still hungry, I ordered Hawaiian Pizza as this is the basic for all pizza, I usually try out the most basic pizza then only try out another selection if it was good. So it was served on our table and the price are a bit pricey and it looks good too. Looks good, yes that's right, just the looks good but when we came to taste, it is real disappointed.  It was close to tasteless borderline, the based doesn't smell aromatic even it was served hot, you couldn't smell the fresh baked flour smell but luckily it was soft and moist. The topping quite lil as well, at some part you couldn't eat the topping because there was no topping, doesn't well spread. Very oily, although you couldn't see it from here but at the bottom, on the plate it was like a layer of oil. Cheese so so lil and I don't know what cheese the baker use but it doesn't bring out the cheese smell, it was just a very light cheese smell. I couldn't taste any chunks of pineapple and I couldn't taste any sweetness in it which Hawaiian Pizza suppose to taste. The chicken chunks was dry and tasteless. Seriously we are not satisfied with it and we don't will give it another try.

Red Garden Food Court offer varieties of food choices but not all is good and worth the money we paid because it is tourist spot so they rise the price higher than any other food court around Penang.

And their address is...
No, 20, Leith Street, 10000 Georgetown, Penang.

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