Planet Popcorn @ Gurney Plaza

Jing's got us this so call Planet Popcorn at Gurney Plaza and at first we are not so sure what in that box until we opened it and to our surprise it was popcorn varieties of popcorn, seriously I like their box it is simple and nice design also the color looks cute together more over for each flavors have their very own mascots.
So there is a box of six medium size packets consists of six different types of popcorn flavors and I got - Oripop, Ms. Melmel, Noriweed, Sunny-Cheesy, Mr. Toffee and Kimmy-G. So specifically in common word we have - Original, Caramel, Seaweed, Cheese, Coffee and Kimchi flavors in the box.
They also offer buckets size which is more expensive than the packets but I think packets will do because the size is quite big, it is more than enough for 2 person share. Basically I find it just normal with lots more varieties flavors, among the six flavors we only likes a few of it, which is original, caramel, seaweed and coffee. Both of us never is a popcorn fans even in cinema we never order one but this is something new to try on and worth the try at least once because I think the price is a bit too high up if so I prefer to buy it cinema food counter, the price for packets is from RM 8.90 - RM 11.90 and for buckets is from RM 15.90 - RM 21.90 while a box of six if I'm not mistaken is around RM 100, kinda expensive right?

And their address is...
Gurney Plaza Basement (Just opposite Bar-B-Q Plaza)

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