Kindori Japanese Ice Cream @ Gurney Plaza

We passed by this kiosk quite a few times already, we wanted to try yet scared to try it as not many customers so we delayed it till recently where they put up banner and information about what they offer and people start to queue up to order and we followed behind so we can know how the procedure is. 

They have their menu on the counter where you can refer to and choose what flavors you want for your ice cream and they frozen their fruits in the freezer but will put it in display freezer for you to see. It was said that their ice cream are low far, low calorie, low sugar and high in protein, calcium and vitamin. Also it is no food coloring and preservatives added. I totally can understand it because I witness the ice cream procedure making on the spot! But some weird flavors will comes with powder and some will comes with ready pack products. The price are a bit expensive but I think worth it, still I recommend people to order cones which cost RM 7.90 while cup is RM 6.90, the first time we had cup but following visits we have cones which we think more worth it.

Following is their ordering and ice cream making procedures:
1 - Choose your favorites fruits 
2 - Add in the 100% fresh milk ice cream base.
3 - Put in the selected fruits and ice cream base into the mixer and all the natural Kindori ice cream is ready to be served!
I ordered Passion Fruits and Boyf ordered Chocolate Peanuts. Mine was very refreshing, light, smell good and very soothing. It's quite creamy, soft, smooth and the textures just good. For those who can't stand on milk/dairy products, this probably something new to try on as the smell of dairy wasn't strong, it was just very light but still maintain its creamy textures, however the fresh fruits scent or other ingredients able to covered it, and it is not too sweet as well like normal ice cream we have. While Boyf ones a bit too thick in flavors and super creamy because of what he chose and in the end makes him even more thirsty. But its very creamy more creamier than mine and very flavorful as well and the chocolate quite bitter which is good, not too sweet as well but I prefer mine, very refreshing. Every time have Kindori I definitely will for fruits, beans and nuts as its healthy and it is very rare to find some in the markets as such grapes, almond and so on. It's a good try but kind of expensive for the small portion of ice cream.

And their address is...
Lot 170-03-K1, Level 3 Gurney Plaza, 10250 Persiaran Gurney, Penang.

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