JJ Cakes & Swiss Roll @ Ipoh

So Godsis got me this all the way from Ipoh, Perak, she said these swissroll are the the same as any other swissroll we have in the stores, at first I really don't believe it because so far I've tasted almost the same and I said this is something new to me. I got it at night where she passed it me straight after she reached Penang and said it have to be eaten within few days as there is no preservative added, of course I don't believe it but we did ate it the moment we opened the box and it taste really good, it was really fresh, you know I meant it really fresh and Godsis said they baked it in everyday-daily basis so every of their swissroll are fast dols out and she said she event need to make a call to book it.

We had Strawberry Swissroll, Mango Swissroll and Pandan Custard Swissroll, we like Strawberry Swissroll the best.
The swissroll generally less sweet and fattening and oily also the ingredients mixes in the cream uses fresh fruits so it is really juicy when take a bite on it, no added syrups in the fruits and the cream they use also is fresh cream, the swissroll really moist and soft although it was cold also very flavorful, the fragrance of the fruits mixes so well with the swissroll. It also stated that it must be keep chill or refrigerated and best to be eaten in 3 days and shall not be keep for more then 1 week, and a lil of it we kept in the fridge for more than 1 week and yup, proof that there is no preservative added because it is spoiled and we were shocked by it. I said the price of the swissroll is quite affordable as it just range from RM 8.00 - RM 15.00 I never know the price untill I google it as Godsis proclaimed it is very famous and yup there is all over the net and I get to know their price, if I'm going to down again to Ipoh and there is a lot of time left definitely I'm going to find this shop and bu their swissroll and of course they offer varieties of swissroll.

There is also news published in The Star Online, click here to read the article and here to direct you to their website.

And their address is...
36, Jalan Chung Thye Phin, 30250 Ipoh Perak.

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