Homemade Sushi Roll

Nothing beats having good friends around us and involve in cooking games and the cunning gang made it a few times already and I think it is great for catch up and having fun without any intake of alcohol that might drunk us up and making fool of ourselves in front of each others and cause harm into our body. Although this is not the best sushi we had it like Sakae Sushi, Sushi Tei and so on but I said this is the best sushi I had, the times we spend together giggling and laughing around taste much more better than any expensive sushi.

The ingredients just pretty simple but a bit costly however if it was share among friends then it is just fine, very affordable. You can actually choose what you want to put in your sushi and we just choose the most simple one:
Tuna Spread,
Omellete (not in the  picture),
Cucumbers, and
Kikkoman Soy Sauce, and
S&B Wasabi Paste
Of course not to missed out the Japanese Rice and sorry for the super blurry picture.
And we definitely need Rolling Mat, for once we tried to make sushi without it and the outcome was a messed and kinda in disoriented shape I must say also not to missed out Nori or well known as seaweed to wrap the ingredients then roll it with the mat.
And voila our sushi creation! Not so awesome right? but it taste really not bad though and we had a great time catching up with each other and compete with each other one who's have the best sushi although basically all just taste the same, the only thing we compete is the compactness and the shape, yeah kinda lame but we love it really, we're full, happy, and satisfied with instant stress release moments with a cup green tea. I think everyone should try this instead of spending an amount of money on alcohol or cigarettes which is unhealthy or went for mania shopping spree. It's good although at the end of the meal there is a lots stuffs need to be wash up and clean the house. And we are going to that again very soon.

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