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Many lovers tend to assume that they know their another half better and vice versa. While me and Boyf have been dating for seven years and still counting and we still getting to know each other, as time pass people eventually will change to adapt to new environment, situation, and so on also busy life keep us tend to forget good memories. We occasionally play this couple quiz to get to know each other more better, of course not all questions are asked, just a few that suits that moments or time but many couple afraid to play this game for fear leading to arguments or worse leading to break-up or divorce (if you are married couple) situation or maybe leaving a black-hole in the relationship if you are still dating. I definitely would say don't take this game into personal or make it an emotional matter, it is a game that created to know our another half better and work things out instead of arguments or break-up.

Honestly we also scared of this game at first until one day we were suggested by our course-mates to go on stage for our lecturer couple quiz, we was studying about love in Positive Psychology and few couple was asked to go on stage and I was so scared so does he but it turn out to be good one and we think we should continue it.

So these is the questions we often asked each other and I think I shall share it because I think below questions are the most important question for a relationship to stay strong and relive your relationship. Of course the answer have to be honest and sincere.

1. Who is better in handling money/financial?

2. What was the first meal your partner ever cooked for you?

3. How many Ex's your partner have before you?

4. What is your partner favorite restaurant?

5. Does your partner prefer bikini or one-piece swimsuit?

6. What is your partner favorite place for vacation? (Local & Overseas)

7. When is your first kiss & where?

8. What was the first gift your partner present to you?

9. What type of student your partner was at school?

10. What was the first impressions your partner give you?

11. What is your partner favorite food?

12. When is your anniversary?

13. What is your partner biggest fear?

14. What type of movie genre your partner prefer?

15. What type of living style your partner prefer? (Big city or Small town)

16. When did the first "I Love You" was said and the most recently?

17. What's so charming about your partner that attract you?

18. What is it that make your love stronger?

19. What kind of future you both see together?

20. What is your partner favorite food?

21. What is your partner favorite color(s)?

22. What is your partner favorite season?

23. What type of embarrassing moments in your life and when?

24. What is your partner hobbies?

25. Who is your partner favorite celebrities?

26. Describe the perfect date you both prefer?

27. If there is something you want your partner to change, what is it?

28. What kind of super power your partner like and what kind of super power you prefer your partner have?

29. What is your partner favorite TV shows?

30. What is your partner favorite cartoon & anime?

31. What is partner shoes size?

32. What is your partner favorite junk food(s)?

33. Who is better cook?

34. What is your partner favorite ice cream flavor(s)?

35. What is your partner favorite candy bar(s)?

36. Where was your first date took place?

37. What was your first date meal?

38. What is your partner favorite theater snack(s)?

39. What is your partner best body features?

40. What is your partner bad habit(s)?

41. What is your partner most annoying habit(s)?

42. Describe the way your partner smell?

43. What do you do to annoy your partner?

44. Who is the first to say sorry when there is arguments?

 45. What is the favorite spot to kiss your partner? (Body parts & Location)

46. How many couple things you both have together?

48. What was your partner worse moment(s)?

49. What type of food your partner dislike?

50. What is your favorite time to spend together?

51.What color your partner dislike?

52. What type of dream house you like?

53. What type of dream house you both wish to have?

54. Who sacrifice the most in the relationship?

55. Who love who the most in the relationship?

56. What was the first movie you both watch together?

57. When and where he proposed?

58. Where and when was your first vacation together?

59. Who is the bad sleeper?

60. Who is more romantic?

61. What favorite activities you both like to do together/spending together?

62. Who is more patience?

63. What is your partner favorite collection(s)?

64. What is your partner weight?

65. What is your partner height?

Ok, a total of 65 questions to play with each other and have fun time to know each other better, don't be angry or dissatisfy with the answer, it is a game only to know our another half better. If there is disagreement, talk about it and make away, remember after all we are just human who are in love, mistakes and forget stuffs happen all the time, discuss about it then forgive them for the mistakes.

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