Ayamas Rice Set @ Batu Lancang

Since my 4th Aunt moved from Batu Lanchang I have never got the chance to eat it again except Ayamas sausages that available at all groceries store, so I'm quite miss it actually, I did not know where to find it except Batu Lanchang branch and nobody bring me go there since then even until I has my motor license nobody accompany me to eat then later I had been busy with studies and activities, preparation for University entrance. Then during my internship at Ipoh,  I found one and I begged Boyf to bring me go, he laugh at me saying I'm so left out but he did bring me go and I'm a happy girl but I did not take any photo of it so I'm kinda regretted because I missed the chance until beginning of this year we made a visit at Ayamas again, not in Ipoh but Penang branch and this time I make sure that I took the photo, so above is the photo of Rice Set Lunch.

So both of us ordered Set A - 1/4 Chicken, Rice, Soup and One Cans Of Drinks. Both of us ordered Ayam Percik, actually I wanted to order Black Pepper but all was sold out so no choice. Basically Ayam Percik is grilled chicken with some spicy sauce, nothing so special about it but it was something good to try on and normally available only in Malay restaurants or you can find it Pasar Malam/Night Market food area.

All I can say here is, it was good, very flavorful, the chicken was tender, juicy and moist, very well prepared but one thing for sure is the Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) - for seasoning, they use in cooking quite a lot as at the end of the meal both of us suffer night long thirst in our throat, not a good thing. And I find it very pricey for a meal like this, it cost us RM 10.70 for each so we paid RM 21.40 just for a meal like this. Just a normal chicken rice and drinks I simply drop by at any stall's it might just cost me the most RM 5.00 for one person plus with more varieties on the plate such as roasted chicken or steamed chicken, char siew and roasted pork plus a bowl of cabbage soup. As you can see from the picture, I had only three pieces of chicken minus all the bones out I had only about two pieces of chicken on my plate, besides that with two half slices of cucumber, I was like so speechless with their service. I definitely not going to dine or purchase any of their set meals anymore, I think I might be a fool if I give them another chance to burn my wallet just like that, ok fine, I might just buy their chicken not more than that. I is a very disappointed customers, hopefully they figure it out and fix the problem else other brands market will be ahead of you.

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