Apollo Milk Chocolate Wafer Cream

How long have I missed it already? Seriously I couldn't remember already, if I'm not mistaken ever since my primary school? During my 6th grade? When we was still celebrating Children's Day back then and our classmates distribute candies, chocolates, cookies and so on, I remember very well that special day is like we're celebrating Halloween in Malaysia during day bright. Since there's so many of us definitely our parent's can't afford expensive candies to distribute to so many of us so majority of us go for Apollo brand and we received it like as if we receive gold. Ok that's all for my blabbering, next let's see how is it look like.
Yup, that is how it looks like, not pretty enough for presentation not good enough to be put it as fine chocolate wafer as well but it is all worth it although it is just some cheap chocolate wafer but the memory worth it all. The reason I haven't have it for so long is because they did not break it down and sell it as it will spoil the wafer, either you buy it in dozen and have it or leave it. Chocolate was sweet but quite lots of it, the wafer was fully covered with it, cream between the wafer are creamy and sweet as well, actually nothing good with this chocolate wafers, it brings cavity to young children but which children doesn't like it when it comes to sweets right? The wafers biscuits was thin like tissue paper like, and once it touch your lips the biscuits melts and start to become sticky around your mouth and you have it eat it fast once you open the packet as the wraps doesn't help, its still become soggy that is why I can never buy it in dozen because I have nobody to share it with me until Boyf suddenly craving for it so we just bought it and share. It was good, 15 minutes of childhood happiness worth for the price we aid for it which just cost us around RM 3.00.

And to buy it, here's their address...
Anywhere in Malaysia Supermarkets and Hypermarkets.

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