Vegas Kitchen @ Kampar

If you want to have some western food with no other fusion food serve, just only fine western food with cheap and affordable price for students then should visit this place, the interior are just simple and the environment of the cafe are just fine, I said fine instead of comfy is because there is no air-condition despite so many customers and just rely on few fans running at the ceiling, everyday it was full with customers, the more late it is the more customers pouring into the restaurants and make the the environments become real noisy.

Ok, now back to the food section, I'd been there for several times during my undergraduate life with the gangs and friends, they offer varieties of western cuisine in their menu with short description of how the food are prepare, some of the food have some fancy, cute and simple name but it attract your attention. Attention: some of the pictures was not my food but I captured it as it attracts me and some I did not upload it as it too blurry beyond my edit skill to repair but I'll comment about it somehow, sorry for the blurry pictures as at that time I still use lousy phone camera to snapped it.

Clock wise: We ordered Frosty Root Beer, to be honest Root Beer is not a beer but is a soft drinks or carbonated drinks, so basically it is halal except in America where they have 2 types of root beer - alcoholic and non-alcoholic type, in Malaysia we only have non-alcoholic type.

Vegas Special Drinks: Hmmm, it is not something really special actually, just some syrup pump with some gas from gas machine, that's all but it was really refreshing and the taste not that sweet at all also very colorful. The name for also very funny - Pussy Cat, Sunrise, Desire and Green Hulk.

Jumbo Sausage: The sausage really huge and long but it taste just average for me, nothing so special about it and actually I'm kinda disappointed with it, although there is a lots of finely chopped pickles, and mustard but something is missing, something to complete the meal but I'm not sure what it is also the bread was served cold and hard, I personally prefer if at least they preheat or warm u the bread as it helps to soften the bread and bring out more aromatic smell of the bread, french fries was good, well balanced, warm and a lots of it.

Vegas Full House Burger: SS's ordered it, as it was served on out table, we was startled and speechless except laugh, it was so tall and the portion is so big, how can a person finish it all alone? We're so worried for SS's as all of us had ordered our food and if she unable to finish it nobody going to help it as Vegas offer their foods quite in big portion but surprisingly SS's alone able to finished it all alone and SS's is a girl. We didn't have a try also just watched her eat even she give us a bite also it is something that I cannot eat as well because there is 2 patties - chicken and beef which I'm allergy to beef, there is hams, cheese, ring fried egg, bacon, tons of vegetables in it and some peppers also french fries. Ain't the size of the meal too huge? But I think worth the try as many people keep ordering it.

Clock Wise: Cheesy Chicken: I like this dish very much. the portion quite big, the chicken is tender and juicy, very cheesy inside it, crispy, and not oily as well, although the shape a lil bit if distorted but it's ok for me as long as it taste good, once you cut it opened, the juice and cheese just bursted out, just worth it! French fries was ok too but a bit bland for my part, I guess they forgotten to put some salt and pepper in it and the vegetables was nice as well, it was fresh, sweets and juicy, I personally recommend this even it is recommended by the chef.

All Star Burger: It is the most simple yet nice to eat burger but it is something you can make it home if you weren't lazy making it. It comes with only ring cook egg, two slices of hams, cheese slice, chicken meat and some vegetables to balance the meal. No added french fries or anything else just that simple burger, but again like I said before, I personally find that it is more better if they warm up the bun, it will help to taste more better.

Honey Barbecue Roasted Chicken: It was good, this time I rather find it not enough to fill my stomach. The chicken was roasted then cooked with barbecue sauce, then glace with honey all over the chicken tight. The chicken meat was tender and soft, the sauce not too sweet nor spicy, seriously it was good but I prefer the chicken is marinate as I find the deeper part of the meat doesn't absorb the sauce so it is kinda bland. It also comes with vegetables as the dressing and wedges also two slices of hams. Worth the try.

They also offer Mamboo Burger which 4 1/2 times bigger than normal burger, it was really huge one, even can cover your whole face with it, it is even higher than a cans of drinks and around the size of a normal dining plate. Definitely one person cannot finish it unlike Vegas Full House Burger, it is almost like triple the size of the burger. I'm not sure how good it is but many youngster always like to challenge themselves to finish it although there is no prize for it, you know especially guys try to be manly in front of girls, many celebrate their birthday this way as well, the burger replace the cake. A tried it before with his ex-gf and he said not that nice, he said it was overrated and their normal burger serving taste much better, I have yet got the chance to try it out but definitely one day I will.

Obama Chicken: Boyf tried it before and he said quite nice, hmm I did not take the photo as he went with the gaming friends and I did not follow, just heard from him. Two patties - beef and chicken, a slice of cheese, ring fried egg and some vegetables, accompany with french fries. He said worth the try.

Like I said many youngster will dine at there and the more late it is the more people and it will be so crowded and need to queue up so I always prefer to be there early to avoid the crowd, and have my meal with ease feeling so it is best to dine at there around 6.30pm or 7pm no later than that, in my opinion and don't worry about the parking matter, there is a lots of parking lots awaiting for you, students usually will go there by cycling or with motorcycle, car? Nah, not many of us can afford that yet.

And their address is...
2175, Tingkat Bawah (Ground Floor) Jalan Timah, Taman Bandar Baru, 31900 Kampar, Perak.
(Located just behind Grand Kampar Hotel)

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