Toh Soon Cafe @ Campbell Street

I has always hear about this place but I never been there before and I heard everyone praising for their coffee and toast bread so in one particular morning I suddenly craved for toast bread and I asked him to bring me go although he don't want it because the weather is so nice for an extra hours of sleep. I bet a lots of people heard about it before, it is a cafe sandwich in between two buildings and it runs in a narrow alley or well known as Lorong in Bahasa which means back lanes, many elders or residents around that ares will have their breakfasts at there, it's like good old days before White Town White Coffee in the markets with just set-up tents and laying portable tables and chairs around the lorong.
Just as you can see from the above picture, many elder's sitting there reading newspapers and talk about their daily lives while have a cup hot coffee and toast bread while  worker's who work around that area have their breakfast at there before the kick start of hectic work schedule. Many may wonders why they still run their business at there instead move into a better place like cafe since they are making good money out of their selling simple breakfast but I guess they want to persevere what's left in this modern advance world that many cultures and heritage been forgotten and I think it's good to maintain that, it's cool and I love it very much!
So this is the place where they prepare the drinks and foods, standing in a line preparing all the foods and drinks, one toast the bread in traditional way by using charcoal, one preparing super rich traditional coffee and other beverages and another beverages another preparing spread some jam and half boiled eggs and serve to their customers.
Since they are famous for their Hainan Coffee which also can be refer to as Coffee with Milk so both of us ordered one for each, surprisingly is Boyf ordered hot one instead of cold since he love cold drinks even early in the morning. I would say it's really really good, the coffee really very rich in aroma, thick in textures, and flavors, it is so creamy. I say this is the best in terms of price and taste, you want traditional coffee they give you traditional coffee a lots better than Gloria Jean's, Old Town White Coffee, Coffee Bean's or Starbucks. We even ordered another cup because we can't have enough of it even we knew we can't take so much caffeine at once. Truly nice one and I totally recommend it, worth the try.
Besides their coffee, they're also famous for their Traditional Charcoal Toast Bread and both of us love toast bread especially traditional toast bread so definitely we ordered two sets once for each and each set comes with two slices of bread with the choice of yours on what you want to spread on the bread, we go for the basic one - Kaya and Butter. Kaya basically is our Malaysian favorite coconut jam with simple ingredients but lots of work to do to have nice kaya, the ingredients is eggs, sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves, that's it.

Their kaya was homemade want they use Benggali bread or known as Indian bread loaf, very famous in Penang. It's less compact compare to other bread loaf available in the markets like Gardenia's or Masimos, it's airy, fluffy, very aromatic, soft and moist but if it was toast then it will be lil crisp and crunchy. I think they made the right choice to use the bread and their kaya taste really not bad although it was inconsistently spread on the bread and kinda lil, it would be more better if they spread more on the bread and the toast was well toasted, the color look good too and you have to finish it fast before it become soft, really worth the try and should order it to well with the coffee.
Of course to complete everything for the breakfast, of course we cannot missed out the Half Boiled Eggs. Of course you can make your own half boiled eggs at home but there is no creamy rich coffee and toast bread to compliment with it right? So it is a must to order and drizzle some pepper and soy sauce then it is good to go into your tummy. Nothing really special just need to order it to compliment all the above drink and bread to complete the breakfast meal, all of it was a complete breakfast.
They also offer Nasi Lemak, they place the packets on a plate on each tables they set-up or you can grab from other tables if your table plate already emptied. I'm not sure whether it was homemade by themselves or they take it from seller but I can say that it was good. It was really spicy, very aromatic smell of the sambal and the rice, the rice as well not sticky, but was soft and moist. The anchovies was well cooked as well, not too soggy or overcooked, well absorb the sambal, still maintain the anchovies textures. lots of sambal too which both of us really like, the hard boiled egg was good too, not overcooked until there is grey ring color in the yolk, it bouncy and have the soft bite, everything was good, really worth the try. At first we just wanted to try it out with a packet shared by two of us but end up with another two packets, one for each of us and yup we finished it, clean and clear.

Both of us broke our saying by just have light breakfast from it but we ended u with Nasi Lemak (heavy food) and super duper zuper full tummy that last us until late noon with just the price of RM 13.00 only if I'm not mistaken for 3 cups of coffee, 2 sets of toast bread, 2 cups of half boiled eggs (2 eggs in each cup) and 3  packets of Nasi Lemak's. Quite affordable isn't it?

Although they run their business at the back lane/lorong but I can assure you that they keep their cleanliness and hygiene pretty in good shape. And the Boss's wife have her temper, maybe due to the pressure of handling so many things at once so bear with her, if you're a first timer, told her and she will have her menu briefing  to you in a speed of light, she have no time for second briefing so make good use of your eyes by observing what people orders on their table's. It very crowded with people and sometimes you have to wait for tables and if you don't mind sometimes you just need to share table with others, strangers to be specific.

And their address is...
Campbell street, 10100 Georgetown, Penang. (Off Penang Road, turn in after Penang road bus station, there is traffic light there and soon you'll see the cafe).

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