The Secret Garden Restaurant @ Ipoh

Again we didn't waste our opportunity while staying in Ipoh for few months and went for food hunting, Chi's and Daniel picked us up from our rented house and headed there for dinner, double date dinner actually.  They said it is nice, good environment, the food was nice as well and the service was not bad, and both of us agreed to give a try. I would say the environment was nice IF you did not cross/overlap with their happy hour time or during peak hours, or during weekend as they're also Bistro kind of restaurant, many youngsters will be there having drinks (alcohol) so it would be noisy, and their table setting are near to each other or kinda packed, I remember clearly one of the table was placed near the staircase to the upper floor, which I find it's not appropriate location, as many people will be passing by and distracting you from eating and the noise of foot steps might as well disturbing your conversation with your mates, but lighting and serving as nice.

If I'm not mistaken above picture is Boston Chicken cost RM 27.90, alike with Chicken Chop but there is no gravy for it unlike others Boston Chicken that's been roasted, here the chicken was deep fried and glace with some sauce on top of each chicken. I think overall was nice, the size of the chicken was big, moist, and juicy, not chewy as well but the meat smell kinda sensible, the more you eat the more you can smell it, which I personally don't like it because I'm sensitive to those smell, either fish, meats or seafood, I'll feel nausea as if I'm pregnant even I'm Not! Wedges was fine as well but too lil and salad vegetables also fresh and crunchy. I personally prefer more gravy to cover the smell and I like gravy food when it comes to western.
Boyf ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu, which one of his favorite, I rather like his meal than my own meal. Although the size look smaller than mine but actually it is almost the same as it was cut into smaller size,  his plate presentation was much nicer than mine as well, more artistic, don't you think so?

Chicken Cordon Bleu or Cordon Bleu itself is a breaded cutlet meat pounded thin and are wrap with ham and cheese then it was fried. I don't know how it taste like as Boyf forgotten to give a bite, I can just remember how the vegetable taste like as he threw all his vegetables on my plate and ask me to eat it in return he will help me eat my chicken. Like carnivore right? *sigh*. The vege was nice, crunchy, sweet and juicy.
I also ordered Apple Juice, one word Nice! Two words, Not Enough! It was thick and has very fresh smell of the apple and not too sweet as well. Nice!

For Chi's and Daniel part, I did not plan to upload as the food photo have their face, although we're close friend but without their permission it is best not upload, friend P&C have to respect it.

Everything here worth the try and should come to pay for a visit also try out the food here, Ipoh isn't just famous for it Bean Sprout Chicken only, there is a lot of food worth for hunt.

For more information regarding The Secret Garden Restaurant - About,  Events. Reservation, Menu, Location and Contact please click here and their Facebook page here, thank you.

And their address is
No 42, Lorong Cheah Cheang Lim, 30250 Ipoh, Perak.

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