Taste Good Restaurant @ Kampar

When I was back in Kampar for a small gathering with the Cunning Gang and had a late night supper with the gang, I ordered Peanuts Butter Melt Bun. I would say it was good but there is some space to improve in such as warm up the bun and it is good that they gave so much in peanuts butter but it was too overpowering the balance between both so I suggest to less down the peanuts butter or spread some salted butter in it. Worth the try but it is something we can make it at home as it is so simple to make instead of spending some amount of money for it.
I did not order any drinks that night I just ordered Sago Mango, as I'm craving for some mango at that time. I would say it was ok as it was well blended and the presentation was good as well, I wish for a bigger bowl as well because I can't have enough for it. The scent of the mango was not strong , was not chilled enough and not too sweet enough I mean pure sweetness from the mango not from any artificial sugar sweets but it was editable, it taste kinda ok for me although it was not the best dessert or mango I had.

Oh ya something I would like to mention here is, in Kampar, although the business is doing well but for some unknown reason something will happen such as change of owner, suddenly close down, suddenly of anything, it is something that until now I have no idea why it happen, it will be fine or reasonable if the business is not doing good but this is something opposite, I find it weird somehow so if you couldn't find that shop anymore then just ignore this blog post.

And their address is...
2234, Jalan Batu Sinar, Bandar Baru, 31900 Kampar, Perak.

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