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Okies, this place is one busy food court everyday especially weekend and holiday season because everyone will stop by to dine at here and mostly local tourist will have their dinner at there before head back to their hometown as you can see buses park beside the road, hardly to find parking as well for cars as parking lots are limited and motorcycle are much more easier as can be park anywhere as long as it does not disturb other premises and other vehicles, stall and road. Overall I can say that the foods just okay, quantity (size and portion) are okay but speaking of quality, I think it's dropping slowly and hygiene matter really makes me suspicious also the way they're preparing food. It used to be very nice but I guess they aren't able to maintain it. About negative comments I'll save it for the last entry post or follow with the food comments flow, now I'm going to comment about the food.

I had Mee Juta which means Million Noodle, of course it does not have millions noodle or turn you into millionaire after eat it, it is just a name for the meal and I guess/I assume is an Indonesia noodle, I'm not sure about the origins to anyone who know about it are welcome to inform me. It have Minced Meat, Char Siew, Slices of Chicken Meat, spring onions as topping, noodle and some sauce, it's like Wan Tan Mee but the type of noodle is different and the sauce is sweet! I don't like it! It's weird for me even everything was fine, noodle was well cook, not soggy nor uncook, Char Siew and minced meat was average. Seriously, everything was ok I don't like it is because of it taste sweet that's all, I'm not used to it and adapted to it.

Dim Sum as everyone know about it even westerners know about it as well, but I will still l sightly brief about it in case someone may not know about it. Dim Sum is a Cantonese food prepare in small bite size serve in a small steamer baskets usually made of wood and small plates, the food are all fully cooked and ready to serve and carted in a trolley or steamer trolley to go around the restaurant for the customers to choose while their seated at their table and it have various of choices. Dim Sum usually serve during morning and evening  from steamed to deep fried to bakes for breakfast and light food, eat together with tea which we always call it Yum Cha in Cantonese which refer to drink tea.

Tea is very important in having Dim Sum, without tea it would be lacking, first thing waiter/waitress will ask after be seated is which type of tea customers prefer and it must be the first thing serve on the table before food are serve, it is because to open one's appetite and to 'wash mouth'. Teas that are frequently been request are Chrysanthemum Tea, Oolong/Tie Guan Yin Tea, Puu erh Tea which is my favorite because it have its super unique scent and flavor, Scented Tea such as Jasmine, Magnolia and etc.

I would say that, Sungai Pinang Food Court did not follow the custom, no tea was serve, no food was cart - self service method, and no wooden baskets, actually these days not many still using wooden baskets anymore so ok, it's acceptable. Starting the foods was nice but slowly dropping its quality, once we accidentally selected almost spoiled food, the food starting to smell and taste sour, we requested for a change but we were ignored !Bad Service! Gave them second chance for another round of visit, same case again. No more!!! GodBro once went for washroom where it was near to the stall and accidentally saw a rat pass by their food and they did not notice it, how can they left the food uncover? Yikes! 4th Aunt and her family suffer night long vomit and diarrhea after had it for supper. So enough said! Not going to eat their Dim Sum again! Although I did not witness it or having night long vomit and diarrhea but my case is enough, and I was advice from them not to eat at there anymore as they're still terrified by it even banned me to eat their Dim Sum.

We also had Poh Piah at there before, not bad but kinda sweet and not packed!, once you spoon up small pieces of the Poh Piah, all the Fried Jincama at the side will drop out almost half of it and the Poh Piah Skin is so soggy and not spicy. For more information regarding Poh Piah please click here.

Tom Yum, you can click here to read more about it, here the Tom Yum noodle taste really not bad but the service a bit slow. They have varieties of choices for you to choose, - pork, fish, seafood and so on and the price are about RM 4.50 - RM 5.00. Quite spicy, ingredients that was given quite a lot, if you wish more spicy, you can request it as well and we often request for more spicy until sweating and having stomach burn the next day, the maggie noodle was well cook as well not too soggy and uncooked, the scent of the Tom Yum may be light but it is flavorful. Overall was okay, worth the try although service and cooking are slow.

Fried Belacan Chicken Skin, Belacan is Prawn/Shrimp Paste use to marinate and for cooking, here the Chicken Skin was marinated with Belacan paste then later was deep fried it, it's nice to late night snacks.  But I would say that once I tried no more for second visit, reason is - No Belacan taste nor smell, not crunchy at all and it is so so soft, although it is cold it is best for the seller to reheat it for us but we were served the dish coldly, it taste soft and cold so basically is like eating not well marinated chicken skin and uncooked although it was fully cooked.

Curry Mee and Hokkien Mee has the same Boss and seller, the stall separated by side by side and often MIA (Missing in Action) because they did not hire extra workers, they do everything from top to toe, if you wish to eat those food please wait for awhile for their return from serving the food to their customers. Curry Mee in Penang literally is spicy curry soup cook with Chili/Sambal, Coconut Milk and chili oil then serve with Noodle (Egg Noodle) and vermicelli, Dried Tofu/TauPok, Prawns/Shrimps, Cockerel,  Cuttlefish, Blood Jelly and Chili paste.  I would say it's quite nice and worth for a try, although is not the best yet but everything was well balanced, I personally prefer if the chili paste can be more spicier, it definitely will be one spice up your taste bud and sweating.

Hokkien Mee or well known as Har Mee is one very famous meal serve in Penang whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Hokkien Mee soup are made of basically fresh shrimp, shrimp shell and dried shrimp pork ribs and chili paste. It can be serve with Egg Noodle, Vermicelli and Maggie Noodle then top with prawns, egg, bean sprout, leafy vegetables and some even added extra such as fish cake, meatballs, roasted pork and slices of meat top with deep fried onions and chili paste. I say worth the try, it is really not bad, very flavorful, the smell of Hokkien Mee was strong as well, all the noodle was well cook, ingredients a bit lil but that's okay, spicy part ok as well, just the presentation part a bit messy and less oily also but you have to understand why the presentation was messy because they're lack of workers and many people ordering from them, in Penang presentation will be second the most important part is the taste, how good it it.

Char Koay Teaw, yes their Char Koay is nice, the stall just beside either Curry Mee or Hokkien Mee, the portion is quite small but worth the try, the koay teaw very thin, and bouncy, the prawns was medium but fresh, you'll know it from biting it it's juicy sweet and is bouncy, lots of bean sprout but you can request to lessen it if you don't like bean sprout so much, Chinese sausage is a must in Char Koay Teaw and I request not to put in cockerel because I extremely hate it, I find it taste like blood so I dislike very very much and I also request for more chili to be fried together with the koay teaw. After everything was well cooked then they'll just slam the koay teaw and the ingredients on the plate and serve it to you, definitely not a nice presentation but the food is really nice, the koay teaw very aromatic, everything was well balanced but a bit pricey.

Another food is Sizzling Noodle, it was cook and serve with Hot Plate, Sizzling Noodle are one the famous meal in Malaysia as well, and can be round at every corner of food court whether in Shopping Mall Food Court, Hypermarket Food Court or Street Food Court. The ingredients to cook the gravy basically is Garlic, Mushrooms, Chicken/Pork Meats, a lots of Dried Chili, Oyster Sauce, Soy Sauce, lots of Blank Thicken Soy Sauce, Ginger, lots of Black Pepper and Corn Starch. The dish may look simple but there is a lots of ingredients need to prepare just to cook for gravy, the gravy play the most important in this dish, once the gravy is fail, the entire meal going to go into the drain. After the gravy was cooked, then place Yee Mee or Deep Fried Noodle into Hot Plate, pour in the gravy together with the chicken/pork meat, crack an egg in it and place leafy vegetables in, wait until the noodle and egg is cool then it's ready to serve. Like I said, the gravy play the most important role in this dish and here the gravy I would only rate 2.5/10, totally a turn off one, the color was off and the taste is bland not even a lil bit taste of spicy or soy sauce or meaty even doesn't have mushroom flavors or smell and the Yee Mee also very soggy. Despite they top with more varieties of vegetables, I would say it does not help as well.

Wan Tan Mee, the business operate by sibling, the portion was ok but their food quality does not maintain it's standard, it's often up and down, sometimes the meal is really nice another time the meal taste really bad, so I really don't know how to comment, how to when their Wan Tan Mee taste so frequently inconsistent? I guess depend on your luck or timing? Click here for more information regarding Wan Tan Mee.

Meatballs (Pork Porridge), It's nice and worth the try if you don't mind the price, the price is quite expensive despite the porridge only have meatballs and leafy vegetables, guess how much it cost? RM6.50 - RM 7.00 and the portion is just average. It was good, seriously, the scent of meatballs porridge was strong and very flavorful, the broth was good - very flavorful, thicken with long hours boiling with pork ribs, not oily nor salty, it was a good one. Rice porridge was fine as well, fully cook, soaked but did not overcooked until become a paste like, it's still fluff and soft and meatballs was mix well with seasoning but the size rather small for me and a lil bit too little. Although it is nice but I find the price a bit too expensive, some other place only sell at RM 5.00 - RM 5.50 some even only sell at RM 4.00.

Pancake was ok as well, have a lots of varieties to choose from the cheapest are RM 0.80 - RM 5.00 depending on what you choose, RM 0.80 usually only have peanuts crush with sugar and RM 5.00 usually have cheese, tuna, sausages, egg, mayonnaise and so on. It's kinda oily because Chinese Pancake do sprinkle melted butter a spoon or two using tea spoon but if you wish to have less oily do request it, and it's kinda chewy, not so crispy and the ingredients they put in the pancake also kinda a bit lil. Not the best one but worth the try, oh ya the seller does not know how to speak English nor Hokkien only know how to seak Mandarin, if you don't know how to speak Mandarin just point at what you want as they stick their menu from top to toe on their stall glass mirror so it would help out a bit in ordering the Pancake.

And their drinks is just ok only nothing to comment, it used to be very nice but the quality also start to going down, it's best to order cans drinks as it has its standard.

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And their address is...
Jalan Sungai Pinang, 11600, Penang.

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