Song River Cafe @ Gurney Drive

 Me and Boyf decided to go for breakfast one morning and suddenly MummyQ cut in the line to joined us as well and she suggest we had our breakfast at Song River, one of her favorite place. Since both of us also very long did not dine at there after about lower secondary year so yeah we give it a go although we don't feel like having such heavy food for morning. All of the dishes ordered by MummyQ and she ordered Vermicelli with Fish Meats. It is totally MummyQ style of food, elder people food where they find themselves teeth falling one by one, fake teeth or hard to bite as their teeth are is weak. Everything was well cooked, fish meats was fresh, soft and juicy, vermicelli was so well cooked, just soft enough, very flavorful well absorb the soup stock. It is something really easy meal, cannot be consider as heavy meal as well because it is just some fish meat, vegetables and vermicelli, it is quite healthy actually and not well people can have it as well instead just plain bread. For each dishes we ordered here only for one person and we shared it together, and honestly the portion for only one person is pretty big to my surprise.
 She also ordered Char Hor Fun, which I find it just fine and I'm actually quite like it, I not a fans of Char Hor Fun due to its aroma but this one definitely killed it! Most of the chef's will heavily rely on deep fried pork belly and pork for the aroma but I have sensitive nose and I have my own level on how far I can stand a smell, not only apply to food aroma but perfume fragrance as well. Ok back to the topic, I grateful that they well balanced the hor fun and vermicelli, because too much hor fun will cause imbalanced of the dish and become more oily. There is no egg for the gravy but you can request for it if you like it too mix in the gravy, the topping are shrimps, vegetables and slices of pork, fried fish meat, all was fresh, the gravy wasn't too thick nor watery just that simple but heat of the wok or well known as 'wok hei' and skills definitely must be good or exceptionally good as this dish rely exceptionally heavy on it instead of just good ingredients and they own them both.
 I've always love for glass noodle as it is good and non fattening noodle, MummyQ said is not good for health as it is 'cold' food in Chinese term but for me well it's good as long as not take it with empty stomach so yup I ordered this against her order, Char Tang Hoon/Fried Glass Noodle it is. It was so so good although a bit sticky, again like I said their ingredients was fresh, just fried fish meat, shrimp. They definitely have good chef's as they able to maintain the noodle instead of turn the noodle in small tiny small pieces, I prefer they cook it a bit more just a bit more watery so it won't get sticky so soon when it start to cool down but it is a bit thirsty.
Who don't love Tom Yum right? Everyone love it and they offer white tom yum as well it's rare because not everyone offer it and not every place taste good. As a tom yum lover definitely we ordered White Fish Meats Tom Yum Vermicelli, it was not really spicy and slightly sour and the aroma smell of it is light with the mix of fish smell but it is good as the soup is hot and warm up our body in the cold morning, you'll feel warm and fresh in an instant and the taste of the soup helps to open up out taste buds if you don't have appetite in the morning. It was a light food and I personally think there is no harm to eat it with empty stomach as the taste is light but very strong with flavors but I personally thinks it is best to replace some other meats such as chicken or pork because all the dishes we ordered comes with fish meats and I think too much spoil ones appetite as well.
MummyQ insists on ordering this side dish as it is their signature, Guinness Stout Fried Chicken. At first I refused but since she insists it so much I guess she miss this side dish too so ok both of us agreed to add in another food on our table despite already so many main dishes. As you can see from the picture, once it was served on our table it sparks with shine is like glaze with honey. They served it in very simple way, no decorating not even with just lettuce leaves and a bit of messed but it's ok presentation not good doesn't mean the food taste bad right? I think it was well cooked because the meats well absorb the stout aroma and taste also well marinated as well, it taste slightly sweet and lil bit of the stout aroma, not sticky as well but the meats a bit chewy. It was good though I'm not really craving for it, both of us don't like alcohol for fear that it will bring harm to our body and we know it won't bring any good to our brain to think conscientiously but MummyQ said it is ok it wont make us drunk or any other harm that is the only why we agreed to ordered it.

We finished our meals and dropped MummyQ at grand place we both of us went to QBM for a walk then later I started to become not me although I tried to control myself but I unable to do it, my brain isn't working rightly, my speech was disoriented and I'm like being drug up, was so happy and high in spirit. Boyf see my condition was in messed and starting to act and talk strangely, he asked whether I'm alright and I said I do but there is some discrepancies between my answer to him and my action so he assumed that the effect of the Guinness Stout Fried Chicken starting to caused me into not me situation and he dragged me home, once I saw my bed and minutes later I'm drop dead sleep like a pig until about to reach evening time. Mere said it was not the caused but I assumed it is and I'm ready for second round to test it again.

Parking lots are available everywhere along the Gurney Drive but the crowded is a lots and you have to wait for tables, nobody going to lead you to empty table like any fine restaurant, you yourself have to take control of getting a table for yourself if you want eat at there. The waiter/waitress aunties uncles will brief you very fast what they have for that day and recommend you their on menus food if you wish for something you like, they are like machines they already memorize every details of the menu and their serving is fast too same goes to their service too! Worth the try and to be honest majority of their customers usually already at their middle age and youngest among them also already at their thirties.

And their address is...
65, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Georgetown, Penang.

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