Scotch Restaurant and Pub @ Ipoh

We often passed by this place after worked and we thought that is was just a pub and open their business at night until Chi's asked us to try their food for lunch, she said not bad and the price is affordable too, so we said ok and one day decided to there for lunch as we ran our of idea where to have our lunch. The interior was pretty back in old days style sort of like cowboy style but much more cozy and quite and the air much fresher than I imagine it could be since it is a pub, it really brings back the nostalgic memory, I think 70's - 80's people will understand that feeling.

They also offer their set lunch with varieties of choice and we of course go for it as we see the price kinda worth for it, if I'm not mistaken the price is below RM 15.00. So our starter is Creamy Mushroom Soup and  Buns and Salted Butter. Although I was hope for Dinner Roll because I love Dinner Roll due to its buttery mix with flour scent but it's ok, as long as there is salted butter and hot mushrooms soup to company it. Mushrooms soup was thick in textures, very less finely chopped mushrooms in it but it's flavorful, I prefer lots of mix mushrooms in mushrooms soup as it helps to bring out the aromatic small of mushrooms and at the same time the soup taste sweets, buns was cold but it was soft so kinda disappointed with this, still it taste ok, there is a room to improve. 
My Chicken Chop and Boyf Chicken Maryland. They seriously still serve it old style or should I say classic way? The plate and the food combinations, it was so so much simpler and presentable on the table and totally reminds me of my childhood time where I had my first western food at a restaurant. These days many chefs overly powdered the chicken, over pound the chicken and add some extra side dish in it, which I find it a lil bit spoiled the meal but Scotch really have veteran chefs for it, I'm satisfied. I'm proud for it. I'm happy for it as well, it was so so simple but it able to brings everything as one, the gravy was good as well, not too thick or too watery, not too much or too little, very flavorful, one thing that spoiled the meal is the french fries, it was cold.As for Boyf, I remembered it was crispy and juicy, the chicken was very tender, soft and easily to bite, it was good, very flavorful as well, that's all I can remember as I just had small bite of it only but it worth the try and I totally recommend their Chicken Chop.

For dessert, we was only serve with a slice of Watermelon but it was sweet and chill, nice and the slice quite thick as well then we had our teas, hmm...the scent was nice and sweet and it taste a bit sweet as well even before I put in a sachet of sugar. Overall I'm satisfied with the meal, environment, price and service.

And their address is...
22, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 6, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

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2 Responses to “Scotch Restaurant and Pub @ Ipoh”

  1. Try scotch steak.....its the best and my favorite

    1. Hi there, I would like too but unfortunately I'm allergic to steaks, anyhow thanks for the suggestion I'll ask my Boyf to try it on behalf of me.=)